Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "Secret" To The Whole Muscle Building Mystery

I have been involved with bodybuilding since 1990 and
during that time I have seen fads, trends, and scams
come and go. And after 19+ years in the iron game I've
finally been able to wrap my head around this whole muscle
building mystery and discover the REAL secret to getting a
ripped athletic physique.

This is the same "secret" that the Top Dogs in the
bodybuilding, supplement, and fitness industry don't
want you to know about.

These big companies that advertise in the magazines and
appear on late night TV infomercials have only one goal,
and that is to make a profitable product.

They don't care about your muscle building or fat loss
success. In fact it is your "lack of success" that keeps
them in business and is scamming you out of 90% of your
muscle building results and 100% of your time and money...

If everyone knew about this "secret" then you would see
a lot more head turning buff bodies at the gym, at work,
at school, and out on the streets in public. Rather than
the "skinny fat" syndrome that is rampant these days.

Note: I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when I say
"skinny fat"... Spaghetti noodle arms, chicken legs, and
a roll of ugly blubber hanging over the belt right around
the middle (not a pretty sight).

So you are probably asking yourself now;
"What The Heck Is This Secret?"

Well, here it is...

The ONLY WAY that you can build a lean, muscular, athletic
looking physique is through a structured and progressive
plan with consistent and focused all-out effort - that
FORCES your body to change.

You must give your body a REASON to change.

In all my years as a bodybuilder and trainer, I have
never seen a dramatic physique transformation from
someone who just plugged away in the gym day after
day with "hopes that they will someday change."

People who approach their goals with such "half-hearted"
efforts will never have the body of their dreams. It's sad,
but true.

They are the same people who blame their age, their
genetics, this situation, or whatever and then place
their hope in the latest "Magic Muscle Pill" that hits
the supplement market while complaining about their
lack of results.

It's that guy or gal you see in the gym everyday, doing
the same workout, and who looks the exact same as they
did last year... and the year before that. Hopefully this
is not the same person you see when you look in the mirror.

Make no mistake, when you work out, your body is cruising
on auto-pilot and often LAUGHS back at you saying:

"That's your attempt to change me? Nice try. We did this
workout last week. I'm going back on auto-pilot..."

Get this:

Your body would prefer to stay weak, pudgy and average.
Our bodies were not meant to be big, lean and muscular.
They were designed for survival.

Your body naturally wants to keep the reserve tank of
bodyfat high, while keeping your lean muscle mass to a
minimum. This is programmed in our DNA to help conserve
energy and help us survive periods of famine.

Looking ripped, muscular, sexy and feeling confident is
YOUR goal, but it's not the way your body naturally wants
to be.

I was talking about this to my friend and fellow
fitness trainer, Vince DelMonte, and he said:

"It boggles my mind how people expect to get results
with the slow, simple and silly methods they use...."
I asked him what me meant and his response seemed pretty
hardcore but I have to admit he makes some valid points:

"Lee, when was the last time you saw someone treat their
first set like it's their last? When was the last time
someone told you they were nervous before a workout?
How often do you see people training with a stop watch
to keep their workouts honest or treating each rep like
their life depends on it? It seems like every person I
know who works out looks the exact same as last month...
or even last year..."
I had to agree with him...
I'm sure you know that slashing your bodyfat, gaining
rock-hard muscle mass, and breaking bad habits require
a DIFFERENT plan of attack and more serious attitude
towards achieving your goals.

That's the reason I'm telling you about Vince's new
No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD Series
which was just released today at 12pm EST.
It's his complete muscle-shredding and ab-sharpening
solution to getting a world class body.

According to the success story case studies on his
website, the only complaint these people have is that
they wish they had started sooner because the more they
follow this physique transformation blue-print...
The better it works!

These DVD's include the EXACT same system Vince used to
gain 41-pounds of muscle in six months and defeat his
skinny genetics. It also includes the EXACT program he
used to cut 23 pounds of stubborn bodyfat in only 10-weeks
and become a National Fitness Model Champion.

But let me say, after I reviewed Vince's DVD series,
this system is not for everyone. It's not for wimps,
over-analyzers, tire-kickers, know-it-all's, or people
expecting an over night miracle.

I know Vince personally and he has positioned himself
to only work with serious and committed people and if
you don't fit the bill, then I would recommend you let
someone else have your copy.

The truth is that Vince's stuff will work extremely well
if you fall into the following categories:

1. You're pissed about your current level of progress
(or lack there of).

2. You're sick and tired of spinning your wheels and
embarrassed about the way you look when you take your
shirt off and see yourself in the mirror.

3. You're fed up with this ridiculous plateau you've hit
and you know you deserve more for how hard you work.

If this sounds like you, then click on the link below and take the next step:


all the best,
Lee Hayward
(Your Muscle Building Coach)

I don't mean to pressure you with this, but Vince only
has 480 copies of this killer DVD Training System and
he's even offering f.r.e.e. shipping and handling until
Friday night at 12 midnight.

Practically every top-notch fitness trainer, including
myself, is announcing this pre-sale this week so I'm
pretty sure this is going to sell out fast!

Vince is also giving away 5 brand new bonuses for the
first 200 people PLUS his entire digital No-Nonsense
Muscle Building and Six Pack Quest Programs valued
at $735 as a Extra bonus gift for trying out his
No-Nonsense DVD Series.

Check it out while you still can...


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