Thursday, April 23, 2009

Off Season Bodybuilding Pic...

Here is a pic I took tonight after my workout. I'm currently tipping the scale at 228 lbs. (I'm 5'7 tall) I'm seriously thinking about competing again in fall. Even though it is a big commitment and all, I just love the challenge of competing. I enjoy going into the gym on a mission so to speak rather then just going in to workout with no real purpose in mind. So we'll see how things go over the next couple months.


  1. Do you keep track of your BF% in the off season? If so, would you mind sharing what it is now and what you usually get up to in the off season?

  2. Not that my opinion matters in the least,but you should do it.

  3. You've got a great blog going! I enjoy reading them and using some of the exercises you've posted! Thanks! Now quit reading this and get to work... You've got a competition to train for!