Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Live Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show # 1

We had our first live show Monday Sept. 29 and it went pretty good. There were a few computer clitches and the video locked up a couple times. But other then that things went well. Got some good Q and A going.

What I’m going to do for the next show is set up a phone conference line so you can call in and participate live on the show. We can actually have a real conversation over the phone, instead of just having me read and answer your typed in questions. And for those of you who just want to watch and listen to the show, that option will still be available as well.

Anyway, the next scheduled show will be Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008 at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time at:


If you are not sure when that is in your time zone, then just visit: http://timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Monday, September 29, 2008

Muscle Meal High Protein Chicken Breast & Egg White Omelette

Here's a video showing how to make a tasty high protein, low carb, and low fat chicken breast and cheese omelette.

You'll need:
- 2 cups of liquid egg whites
- 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (cooked)
- 2-3 slices of fat free cheese
- diced mushrooms and onions
- salsa, seasoning, and spices to taste

Friday, September 26, 2008

Win A FREE Physique Transformation Coaching Program...

I have an interesting question that I want to ask you...

If you could wave a magic wand and instantly transform your body to look exactly the way you wanted, what would it be like?

If you’ve been a regular at http://www.leehayward.com/ for sometime, you may recall that I’ve asked similar things in the past; such as what aspects of fitness and nutrition do you want to learn about the most. But if we really dig down deeper, the only reason we are interested in fitness and nutrition in the first place is because of the way that it will make us look and feel.

So I’m going to propose a little challenge for you…

Send me a few paragraphs explaining exactly how you would like your body to look if you could wake up tomorrow morning with the body of your dreams.

I’m going to review all the replies that I get and then I’m going to give away a free 100 day physique transformation coaching program to the person who submits the best reply. That’s right, the person who gives me the most detailed answer explaining how they want their body to look will get a free customized diet and training program, plus weekly phone coaching sessions from yours truly for 100 days. I normally charge $1000 for this program, but I’m going to give it away right here.

Some things you’ll want to include are:

How do you want your body to look like, and be specific… you can even use celebrities and athletes to help describe it. Do you want the lean cut look of Brad Pit in fight club, do you want the athletically muscular look of someone like Sylvester Stallone, or do you want to be huge and shredded like Arnold in Pumping Iron?

And for the ladies… do you want a lean and sculpted look of a figure competitor such as Monica Brant, do you want the sexy curves of someone like Beyonce or J-lo, or would you prefer the strong athletic look of Cory Everson.

What would your life be like if you had a body like that? How would it feel? Would you dress differently, would you take on new challenges, would you be able to go to the beach or a pool party and wear a swimsuit with confidence? Explain it in as much detail as you can…

I’m going to leave this contest open until Wednesday October 1st. So get your e-mail sent in before then to qualify for your free 100 day physique transformation coaching program.

I’m looking forward to reading your e-mail and hopefully I’ll be picking you as the winner and we’ll be able to work together to help you realistically achieve your physique goals within the next 100 days.

Send your e-mails to lee@leehayward.com

all the best,
Lee Hayward

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Trick Learned From A Former Australian Judo Champ That You Can Use To Cure Joint Pain And Increase Your Muscular Strength In Less Then 3 Minutes…

My head is just spinning right now and I literally found what I believe to be the missing link that’s going to take your training and muscle gains to the next level. This goes way beyond the basic training, nutrition, and supplementation stuff that you probably have a good grasp on already. Trust me this is something totally different.

I’m talking about getting rid of nagging joint pains that you probably had for months or even years, and healing them within minutes. And even increasing your lifts by 50% or more within a single session, I shit you not my friend, this is the real deal. And just in case you are wondering this has nothing to do with any of that short range of motion partial rep stuff. This applies to real exercises, doing real full range of motion reps.

The method I’m talking about focuses on pressure points of your body and how by stimulating them you can INSTANTLY relieve pain and even more importantly INSTANTLY increase your strength. Now I’m not talking about something that you do and hopefully see results within weeks, No, No, No... I’m talking about something that you can do RIGHT NOW and get results within minutes!

So what is this you ask?

Well, I met an Australian physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, etc. basically the guy has half the friggen alphabet behind his name. Anyway, he was involved with various sports his whole life (i.e. judo, weight training, etc.) and over the past 35 years he has developed a system of “Nero Training” which you have to experience to believe. This thing has already spread from Australia, to Italy, to the UK, and now in the near future through yours truly, this is going to be shared throughout North America.

I had breakfast with him yesterday and he explained how it works. Then while we were sipping coffee after the meal he said:
“Lee, do you have any aliments or injuries right now?”

I thought about it for a minute and said:
“Yeah, now that you mention it I do, my elbow has been acting up. I’ve got elbow tendonitis” (i.e. tennis elbow).

He said:
“Do you want me to fix it right here, right now?”

I said:
“That’s cool with me, go ahead and put your money where your mouth is and prove to me that this stuff works.”

He sat next to me and then asked if he could pull on my arm and the way he pulled made me yell out a big “OUCH!” from the pain shooting up my arm from the tennis elbow. Then he did his sequence of pressure point stuff on me right there at the breakfast table, he started pressing on points along my spine and throughout my lats and traps, etc. while moving my arm in different positions.

He pulled on my arm again and it wasn’t quite as painful as the first time... he goes through the whole series of exercises again a second time. Then he pulled on my arm again and this time it was solid, he couldn’t budge it and I felt no pain what so ever!!!

I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t experience it myself. I’ve been working out for over 18 years and seen a lot of crap come and go during that time. I’m more skeptical then most people when it comes to the fitness industry. I’m from the old school of thinking that if you have an ache, pain, injury, etc. then just let time heal it for you. But this old Aussie dude healed my elbow tendonitis that’s been bugging me for months in less then 3 minutes flat.

Long story short, he said that my elbow pain wasn’t caused in my elbow at all. It was from the muscles in my traps and rhomboids that were pinching a nerve that runs from the spine and down the arm. He fixed my frigging elbow from pressing on my back, how crazy is that? And here I thought I knew a thing or to about how the body works, I guess you can still teach an old dog new tricks after all.

This elbow tendonitis cure is just one thing in his bag of tricks, there are techniques like this for every part of the body. This stuff can fix shoulder problems, knee problems, hip problems, you name it... And not only does it eliminate pain, but it strengthens those areas as well so you can lift more weight and thus stimulate more muscle growth and get bigger and stronger a lot faster.

Over the coming weeks I’m going to by studying this system directly from the master himself, one on one, so I can then in turn condense it down and help teach it to you. This is exciting stuff and I’ll keep you posted with the latest news about the new “Nero Training System”.

all the best,
Lee Hayward
(Your Physique Transformation Specialist)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mitch Buchanan manning his life guard tower...

Mitch Buchanan manning his life guard tower and gazing over the sand and surf looking for hot bikini babes in distress who need a big, burley, big chested man to rescue them... LOL

Making a Female Fitness Video on Muscle Beach...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Suit Case Walk…

Today I’m flying from Newfoundland to California, literally going from the most eastern point of Canada to the most western point of the USA, the whole trip will take about 12 hours, that’s if were lucky and everything is on time. Myself and my girlfriend Patricia are going to LA for an Internet marketing seminar. And we are also going to stay down for a week so we can film a workout video on Muscle Beach in Venice. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’m sitting on the plane right now as I write this. The plane seats actually have power outlets so I can plug in my laptop. That’s a pretty cool feature, I’ve never seen that before on a plane. So I’m taking advantage of it.

Anyway, knowing darn well that there is going to be lots of time to kill today, I packed my bag with lots of reading material. And just before I started writing this I was flipping through this month's issue of Men’s Health and came across a cool exercise called the “suit case walk”. Granted the name caught my attention being that I’m traveling today and lugging around suit cases.

Basically the suit case walk is a variation of the farmers walk. Now if you are not familiar with the farmers walk, it is simply picking up a dumbbell in each hand, holding them by your sides and walking with them. Similar to how a farmer would walk carrying a bucket in each hand. You’ve probably seen the farmers walk done before in strongman competitions on TV as it is a very common event.

The suit case walk is very similar, but you’ll be walking carrying only one dumbbell in one hand, then switching hands half way through, just like you would if you were carrying a suit case for a long time.

The benefits of the farmers walk and the suit case walk is that they help develop real functional strength throughout the entire body. Your grip comes into play big time from holding the weights, in fact this is what will give out first when doing the exercise. You’ll also heavily work your traps, back, mid-section, hips, legs, etc. from walking with heavy weights.

This is one of those exercises that you are probably not doing regularly, but you really should. Simply adding it in as part of your workout routine once a week will make a big difference. If you stick with it consistently you can progress very quickly.

A little over a year ago I was really into a good strength and power training phase that had lots of basic power exercises, including the farmers walk, in my workouts and they helped out tremendously. My strength was at its peak and it had a lot to do with consistently doing the basic movements.

But honestly I’ve gotten a bit slack in my training lately. Not that I haven’t been working out regularly, but I haven’t been focusing on the heavy basics. This is partly due to having suffered a muscle tear earlier this year and having to go through an active recovery phase for several months. Let me tell you, nothing is a bigger kick to the ego then getting out lifted by little old ladies in the gym. For about 8 weeks I was literally just going through the motions with nothing more then the weight of the machine handles.

But now that I’m pretty much all healed up, it’s time to get back to some serious training again. I’m looking forward to adding in the farmers walk and the suit case walk as part of my workouts.

The way I’d suggest including these exercises is to do them once a week after either a leg workout or after a back workout. One workout do the farmers walk, the next workout do the suit case walk. The suit case walk will involve more core and stabilizer muscles because you have to balance and support yourself more so as your body will be off balance from holding only one weight. The farmers walk will allow you to carry more total weight and work more muscle fibers because of the heavier loads. Alternating between the two variations will give you the best of both worlds.

To do the farmers walk grab 2 dumbbells and walk back and forth the gym until your grip fails. Rest 2-3 minutes and then repeat again. You’ll only need to do a few sets (or walks).

For the suit case walk grab 1 dumbbell and walk the length of the gym, switch hands, and then walk back. Keep alternating holding the dumbbell with one hand, and then the other hand with each trip back and forth the gym. Again rest 2-3 minutes between walks to fully recovery your strength so you can give each one 100% effort.

You’ll most likely find that you have one hand that is stronger then the other, so start with your weaker hand first. Then make sure to only walk the same distance when holding the weight with your stronger hand. Over time this will help to balance out the strength of both hands.

A good starting weight for most guys would between 50-80 lbs. dumbbells, and ladies should start with about half of that. Obviously, the actual weights you use will depend on your current strength levels, but this is a rough guideline to start with. Each week add 5 lbs. and strive to walk the same distance. You should be able to make steady progressive strength gains for several weeks in a row.

Give the farmers walk and suit case walk a try in your workouts, it will only take a few minutes once per week and that will be time well spent. As you get stronger with these exercises, you’ll also get stronger with your other exercises as well due to the grip and core strength you’ll be building.

Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Make High Protein Ice Cream…

Here is one of my favourite healthy treats... High protein ice cream!

This is how you make it, just mix the following in the blender:

1 cup of egg whites
10-20 frozen strawberries depending on the size
(you can also add in other frozen fruit of your choice)
2-3 scoops of vanilla whey protein
2 tablespoonfuls of Splenda

Blend it up until it has a consistency like frozen yoghurt. You'll most likely have to stop and stir up the frozen fruit a couple times to get it to mix well because it is so thick.

Give it a try and then post a comment to let me know how you like it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Really Simple Chicken Breast Recipe...

This is a ridiculously simple way to add some flavour to the bodybuilding staple food boring, bland, boiled chicken breasts

Heres what you do in 5 simple steps:

1. boil the chicken
2. chop it up
3. toss it in the pan
4. stir in the funky sauce
5. Eat It Up!

So simple even I can make it...

Back Workout - T-bar row, db rows, lat pull downs, shrugs...

For this back workout I trained at a different gym then I normally workout at. I like to do this from time to time. I’ll get a bunch of day passes for different gyms and use them every now and then to add variety to my workouts.

I started my back workouts off with a quick warm up on rowing machine. This is a great machine to use as a warm up prior to any workout because it moves all the major muscle groups and get the blood flowing and increases your core temperature. I'll usually do between 5 and 10 minutes on the rower until I get a light sweat on and feel ready to move on to the weight training portion of my workout.

My first exercise is chest supported T-bar rows. The gym that I normally workout at doesn't have this style of T-bar row machine so I like to add it in when ever possible. You'll notice in the video that I kept one foot on the floor and one on the foot plate. This helps take some of the pressure off your chest and makes it easier to breath deeper when doing the exercise.

Next I move on to one of my favourite back exercises, the 1 arm dumbbell row. This allows you to work each lat individually and helps to develop balance and proportion between the left and right sides. I like to do these free standing with my legs straddled as this creates a solid base and will allow you to lift heavier weights then if you did them kneeling on a flat bench like most people do.

Then I did wide grip lat pull downs. As you do lat pull downs make sure to arch your back at the completion of each rep bottom to really get a good contraction throughout the lats and middle back.

After that I did some exercsies for the traps. One of my favourite trap exercises is the barbell shrug. When I work up to heavy weights I'll use straps to help re-enforce my grip. Shrugs are only allow for a short range of motion, but they work great for adding thickness across the upper back.

Another great trap and upper back exercise is the upright row. I prefer to do these from a low pulley cable using a rope attachment. The rope provides more freedom of movement and is a lot more comfortable on the wrists compared to using a barbell. And using cables helps to keep constant tension of the muscles during the entire exercise.

My final exercise is shrugs using the standing calf raise machine. This is a unique exercise that most people haven't heard of before. But it works great for isolating and building up the traps. When you set up for the exercise stand with your feet flat on the foot plate, don't let your heels hang off the edge like you would for standing calf raises. The great thing about this exercise is that your grip strength is not a limiting factor like it is with most other shrug variations so it also allows for heavyweights to be lifted.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How To Bench Press By Yourself Without A Spotter...

A very common question that I'm often asked by people who are seeking bench press training advice is:

"how can you bench press by yourself if you don’t have a spotter?"

Let's face it, there are times when we have to workout alone and do not have the luxury of a training partner or spotter. And having to go and bug someone at the gym and ask them for a spot on every set of your bench press workout can be a nuisance to both you and them. Not only that, but if you ask a stranger to spot you there is no way to know how good they will be. Heck, being a good spotter is a skill in itself.

So in this youtube video I'm going to show you how you can bench press all by yourself safely without a spotter.

For more bench press training tips, be sure to check out "Blast Your Bench" and get a copy of the Blast Your Bench e-book.

Camping Trip...

This past weekend myself, Patricia, and Sasha the dog had a little camping trip in the woods. We don't go off camping often, but when we do the diet gets put on hold :-) Cook ups over an open fire, roasting marshmallows, a cooler of beer... all the camping essentials LOL

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How To Make A Post Workout Protein Drink

This is one of my favorite post workout protein drinks.

Mix up the following in the blender...
- 2 cups of low fat milk
- 1 banana
- 1 scoop of creatine powder (5 grams)
- 2-3 scoops of whey protein powder
- 1 cup of frozen berries / frozen fruit

This is a great source of fast digesting protein and simple carbs which is ideal to have right after a hard weight training workout.

5 Shortcuts To Build Muscle Size

These days it seems that everything needs to be bigger, faster, and stronger. Going to the extreme is the norm. Everything from extra strength headache pills, to energy drinks, and high speed Internet. Bottom line is that people want change and they want it now!

When it comes to bodybuilding things are no different we want results ASAP. The desire to build a better body unites all bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, but for most of us, the muscle gains come too slow and they never come easy. So we look for shortcuts.

Click Here To Read The Full Article...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Simple Arm Workout – Biceps and Triceps

Yesterday I trained my arms. It was actually the first time that I worked arms in a couple weeks because I have a bit of elbow tendonitis (i.e. tennis elbow) that has really been hampering my workouts. I go through phases like this from time to time where joint pain flares up and it is very frustrating. If you’ve ever had tendonitis in your joints then you know what I’m talking about.

I did all machine exercises for moderate weights as this feels the most comfortable on the joints.

I started my workout with 10 minutes on the cardio rowing machine to warm up my arms.

The first exercises were a super-set of cable curls with an ez bar from the low pulley cable and tricep pushdowns from the high pulley cable.

Cable Curls:
5 sets of 100 lbs. x 10 reps

super set with…

Tricep Push Downs:
5 sets of 100 lbs. x 10 reps

Then I moved on to another super-set of Life Fitness preacher curl machine and Hammer Strength tricep extensions.

Preacher Curls:
5 sets of 60 lbs. x 10 reps

super set with…

Tricep Extensions:
5 sets of 60 lbs. x 10 reps

Each exercise was proceeded by 1-2 lighter warm up sets.