Sunday, September 28, 2008

Live Video Bodybuilding Talk Show...

Free Webcam Chat at Ustream


  1. interesting idea, i like it, as i usually read to your blog for motivation to get me to the gym this could add to that


  2. Cool idea Lee! Hope I'm not working whenever the live stream is on...but will you be recording the streams anyway and have them posted on the blog?

    Keep up the great work Lee ;)

  3. Its a good idea,I say go for, as long as you have the time, and other things won't continually interrupt.

  4. Another awesome idea. I'll definately try to make the next one if i can.

    Hopefully you can record them, so if we miss em they'll still be available to watch.

    I'd say go for a set time as im sure you have other stuff to do, and dont need to be stuck behind the computer longer than you have too.

    Also its very nice to see you can have a laugh. Great job! :)

  5. good idea....i really like your website/blog.....
    keep up the good work Lee

  6. Cool idea Lee! 9PM Monday good 4 me