Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bodybuilding Week In Review...

We had a very busy week here in the world of Lee Hayward's Total Fitness Bodybuilding.

First off, my good buddy "Super Dave Ruel" spent 10 days at at the Luxurious Hayward Hotel Resort Spa & Casino...
(i.e. he crashed at my place LOL)

Last weekend we helped out at the Newfoundland Provincial Bodybuilding & Figure Championships. This was a blast and it really inspired both Dave and myself to compete again. Our plan is to start dieting now and get in kick ass shape for the 2010 Atlantic Canadian Bodybuilding Championships.

All last week we've been shooting some killer training videos. I took Big Dave through the entire "Blast Your Biceps" workout cycle and he loved it.

These hard-core workouts that we shot are going to be made into a complete "Blast Your Biceps" Training DVD that will be available with the full BYB program very soon.

I've posted some video clips from our workouts on YouTube:

Power Barbell Curls - 135 x 10!

1 Arm Dumbbell Row 130's X 25 Reps!

Leg Press Video 30 Plates For 8 Reps!

On our last Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show we gave away a FREE Muscle Building e-Cookbook...

If you didn't download your copy already then you can do so now at:

Well, that's it for now... I've got a bunch of videos to edit...

Insane Leg Press Video 30 Plates For 8 Reps!

This is a quick clip taken from a Leg Workout that myself and my good friend big "Super Dave" Ruel shot. In this video Dave is going balls to the wall and blasting out 8 good reps with 30 plates on the leg press. That's 1440 pounds, very respectable weight by anyones standards.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

1 Arm Dumbbell Row 130's X 25 Reps

This video is of my buddy big Dave Ruel repping out the 130's for 25 reps per arm. Yes, I admit his form is not "super slow" and controlled, but non-the-less he is repping to failure and placing maximum muscle stress on his lats and will help to build some real strength and power.

Dave and I did a kick ass Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show last night. It was a lot of fun, we were cracking jokes and having fun the whole time, in addition to answering a ton of great viewer questions.

You can download the replay at:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free Bodybuilding Cook Book

I hope you are having a good Thanksgiving day and that you are enjoying some delicious "mass building" food :-)

Speaking about food, I have a special bodybuilding cookbook that I want to give you for FREE on my Live Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show this Thursday November 26 at 9:00 pm EST.

I got this cookbook from my good friend and fellow bodybuilder, Dave Ruel. He's a pretty big dude, currently tipping the scales at a whopping 250 muscular pounds!

Dave's a powerhouse in the gym and one heck of a good cook in the kitchen. And he has put together 10 of his very best muscle building recipes in a downloadable e-Book just for viewers of the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show.

In fact Dave and myself are actually in the process of filming a new workout DVD for my "Blast Your Biceps" program. You can get a sneak peak video clip below and see Super Dave curling some big weights and putting me to shame in the gym :-(

Make sure to tune into
Thursday Nov. 26 at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
and join myself and special guest coach Dave Ruel
for our Live Bodybuilding Talk Show!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Explosive Exercises: Dumbbell Snatch & Split Jerk

In this video I'm working out with Strength Coach Jason Paris. He is a Division 1 football strength coach for Georgia Tech. In the video Jason shows how to do some Olympic weightlifting exercise variations; the dumbbell snatch and dumbbell split jerk.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bodybuilding Competition Pics...

We had our local Newfoundland Provincial Bodybuilding Championships this past Saturday. I was helping some of the competitors get ready backstage and I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of some of the physiques these folks had.

Many of them were first time competitors. They aren't "pro athletes" they are just average people who set a goal and then busted their butts in the gym and actually followed through with it. If you are looking for the "secret" to muscle building success that's pretty much it right there.

The 2 guys that really impressed me was the lightweight and overall winner Zaid Adamo and the Bantamweight winner Jeff Nippard. They are shown in the pic below with the figure short class winner Lisa Woolgar.

I have a bunch more pics that I took back stage at the competition posted up on my FaceBook page at:

Let me tell you, just being at the show, helping out backstage, and smelling the protan has got me itching to compete again... Maybe the Atlantic's next spring...

If you have ever thought about competing in a bodybuilding competition and would like to know exactly what's involved with contest prep from losing bodyfat, getting ripped, and all the fine details to posing, tanning, and looking your best on stage. Then you should grad a copy of my book "Your First Bodybuilding Competition".

This is a complete step-by-step bodybuilding competition training guide that explains everything you need to know about preparing for and looking your best at your first bodybuilding competition. In fact several of the competitors at our local show this year have this book and have followed this exact program to help them get ready for the competition.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Try These Killer Push Up Variations...

I just posted up another kick butt Strength and Conditioning workout that I filmed this past weekend with Division 1 Football Coach,
Jason Paris.

In this video we go over some killer push up variations and upper body conditioning drills to help strengthen the shoulders and prevent injury. There are some cool training ideas here that you'll want to incorporate into your own workouts.

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Tonight Thursday Nov. 19 at 9:00 pm EST we are having our live
Total Fitness Bodybuilding Video Talk Show.

If you have any questions about your workouts, nutrition, supplementation, etc. this is your chance to get them answered live on the show!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Is Total Fitness Bodybuilding?

My goal with my website is to help guys just like you get in your best shape ever by building muscle, burning bodyfat, and improving your overall strength and conditioning. That's my definition of "Total Fitness Bodybuilding" - building your body and improving your fitness level.

There are several ways to go about achieving "Total Fitness Bodybuilding". You can follow numerous weight training workout routines; from bodybuilding splits, powerlifting programs, high intensity, high volume, etc. to build muscle and strength.

There are numerous forms of cardio that you can do to help burn fat and improve your endurance; from long duration steady pace cardio, to high intensity interval cardio.

If you have been following along with my training philosophies then you know that I'm a big believer in cycling your workouts and incorporating different types of training to help maximize muscle stimulation, prevent training plateaus, and make your workouts more enjoyable along the way. That's why I'm constantly pumping out new training ideas, exercises, and strategies that you can use in your own workouts.

However, I was quite surprised to get some negative feedback about my recent blog posts from some people who were actually upset by the fact that I would ever suggest a workout that wasn't a traditional "bodybuilding" routine.

Now if you are only interested in bodybuilding workouts, and that's all you want to do, then that's totally cool. But like I mentioned above, there is more then one way to get in shape and build your body. So I like to take advantage of the different training styles that are out there because in the big picture they all complement one another in helping you get in your best shape ever.

I didn't always do bodybuilding only workouts...

Right on up until my late-teens I worked out with weights. But I was involved with swimming and martial arts and I also participated in other activities such as skateboarding, BMX biking, mountain biking, and skiing.

In my late teens got more serious with weight training and started competing in bodybuilding competitions and did so for several years. Then in my mid-twenties I took a break from bodybuilding competition and focused on training for powerlifting.

A few years after that, in my late twenties, I wanted to try something totally new so I took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, and I even did some yoga in there as well. During this time my main strength training workouts were focused around bodyweight conditioning exercises and sandbag workouts.

After that I went back to bodybuilding competition and got in my all time best contest shape ever, winning the light heavyweight division and overall at the 2007 HWC. Since then I've pretty much stuck to a bodybuilding based workout program, but I'm open to changing things around from time to time.

I'm more interested in the final outcome of getting in better shape, I'm not so narrow minded in my approach to think that I can only stick to one method of training to get in shape. Variety is the spice of life!

So even though I love bodybuilding and have focused the majority of my training and workouts around bodybuilding, it doesn't mean that you have to only do bodybuilding workouts. I personally believe that you'll become better conditioned and a lot more athletic all around if you incorporate different styles of training in your workouts from time to time.

In fact, I just spent this past weekend working out with Jason Paris, who is the strength and conditioning coach for Georgia Tech. Jason has coached numerous Division 1 and NFL football players and he knows how to whip athletes into shape in a hurry.

Over the next week I'm going to be posting up some videos that we shot while working out together. This will give you an idea of the type of training that Jason uses to get his athletes in top shape.

Let me tell you, Jason put me through my paces with a lot of killer workout drills that really focus on building up work capacity, functional strength, balance, agility, and coordination. These aspects of fitness very often get neglected with typical bodybuilding workouts that simply focus on weight training and cardio.

I'm still recovering from all the workouts we did this past weekend. And as they say... "I worked muscles I never knew I had" :-)

You can check out one of our workout videos below...

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Big Reasons Why Everyone Should Train Like Athletes

By Elliott Hulse Co-Creator of Lean Hybrid Muscle

If you're like me, you probably want nothing more than to feel like a 'super-stud' every time you take your shirt off in public. You want to have the confidence to say, 'Boy, this sweaty shirt is chaffin' me', then reach over your shoulder and tear your shirt off like Brad Pitt in Fight Club. When you know that your pecs look like two soup bowls inserted beneath your skin, and your abs are as hard the asphalt you stand on, it's tough to keep your shirt on!

Today you are gonna learn the top 5 training principles that you MUST implement in order to make your physique and performance goals… a reality. But, before I open the info-floodgates, there is something you've got to understand. Men… all men, should recognize that we are athletes and our training programs must reflect this.

Even if you're a 'pencil pusher' or a 'white collar crook', the essence of your being is athletic. In order to see any type of fitness results it is essential to recognize that Squats, Power Cleans, 40 Yard Dashes and Vertical Jumps are not only for NFL Combine participants… they are for you!

1. You're An Athlete By Design

The foundation principle of everything that I teach all begins with one extremely powerful phrase: “We are primal beings living in a modern world”

Our physical bodies have been unchanged for thousands of years. In fact, today, our bodies are an exact expression of what our ancestors were over 100,000 years ago. It is believed that it takes about 100,000 years for 0.001percent of a genome to change… so yourself and Primal Man are for all intents and purposes… the same.

What has changed is how WE have chosen to live, if you can even call it that. As we have 'advanced' in technology we have regressed in physical strength and stature.

We function at a much lower capacity than were inherently capable of. This is analogous to those people who buy off-road vehicles that will never see anything but concrete! You've been given the ultimate athletic tool… use it.

2. Short, Hard and Intense Workouts Yield Lean, Hard and Muscular Bodies

When you spend over an hour in the gym sitting on useless 'fitness machines' while you're waiting to do your 'next set'…your nervous system's primal response is to release Cortisol and Glucocorticoids - which are stress hormones, (these make you sick, sad, fat and, stupid) in response to your body thinking… “Holy Cow, we've been training for over an hour… perhaps we're being chased by a tiger and need to preserve body fat”, then it begins sacrificing muscle tissue for energy! This is called The Catabolic Effect. Also, workouts exceeding 1 hour have been shown to be associated with a rapid decrease in androgen levels.

This is why marathon runners look so emaciated… id much rather look like one of those Lock, Stock & Ready Sprinters with muscles rippling across their backs and abs.

3. Aerobics and Cardio Training Is Boring & Ineffective

Strength coach Charles Poliquin has coined the phrase “Chunky Aerobic Instructor Syndrome” (CAIS). You've seen them, they do cardio all day long… don't you think that they would be a bit leaner? Well, there is a scientific reason as to why they are cubby even though they bounce up and down on those colorful blocks all day long. In fact research has shown that aerobic instructors who taught an average of 3 hours a day maintained a body fat of 22-24% - mind you, that Olympic athletes hover around 9%.

Especially with repetitive exercises like aerobics the body adapts quickly to the stimulus and ceases to respond to the stimulus. Also, you begin to become very fuel-efficient… Listen, think of a metabolism that has adapted to long treks of cardio as being a Honda… it burns very little fuel (i.e. fat) but can go miles and miles. Think of a metabolism that is roaring with increased mitochondria activity (as is present in someone who weight trains with circuits) as a Hummer, large fuel combusting metabolism!

Here's Why this is so important! You want a stronger heart, without the fat saving response of long boring cardio treks. That is why I teach my clients how to do work capacity sets. We take 4-6 exercises and complete them back to back with no rest and aim to complete them all with in about 2 minutes… if your heart is not ready to pound out of your chest after that, then maybe you should visit your veterinarian!

Here's a simple circuit that you can do at home - first 20 squats, then 20 lunges, then 'step ups' on a bench 10 each leg, finally do 10 squat jumps and get it all done in less than 90 seconds! Kick-ass workout!

We begin every session with Plyometrics and then get right into 3-5 “work capacity” sets for upper and lower body.

4. Get High on Oxygen & Sunshine

Besides the fact that training on treadmills and 'sit down' exercise equipment is less effective than getting your feet on the ground and learning how to use your own bodyweight, training indoors can be detrimental to your performance and fitness results.

As 'primal beings' we are in need of several vital elements and forms of energy. The suns rays are nourishing to your mind as well as body. It is well documented that those who live in the cooler northern climates that enjoy less sunshine through out the year are several times more likely to suffer from depression.

Also, if you're like most Americans you work and live indoors (maybe). In fact, the average person spends 90% of their time indoors. Several health experts have propounded that our homes and workplace are the most toxic environments in our lives. Many studies have stated that toxic particles and fumes found in your home and workplace include: air fresheners, spray starch, paints, mothballs and even 'new car' smell kills more people every year than automobile accidents!

So, what do you do? Train in the great outdoors! When I train my Strength Camp clients at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg Florida, not only do we benefit from the sweet bay breeze but also the scenery is beautiful enough to give a nun spring fever!

5. It's Gotta Be Fun!

Drop out rates for exercise programs are almost as high as the drop out rate in my old middle school! The bottom line is, if you don't enjoy it - you wont do it. The most effective way to ensure that you stick with your training program is to change it often. This doesn't mean hop from one modality to the next before you get any results. It means stick with your weight-training program for a minimum of 90 day but change the exercises you use for each body part at least every 3 weeks.

This not only keeps you interested but also, your nervous system will be challenged with the new exercises and be forced to adapt. This yields fast and long-lasting results!

Note: this is last day to pick up the Lean Hybrid Muscle training system for 50% off before it's released to the general public. If you are interested in trying this program out, you should take advantage of it now before the price goes up.

Power Building and Resistance Cardio

Power Building and Resistance Cardio:
The Killer Combo!

By Elliott Hulse

It never ceases to amaze me how many people have fallen victim to the lie of "isolated results." Essentially, the idea that fitness, success and life results are created in a vacuum... completely detached and isolated incidences.

For example, many women call me inquiring about fitness training and assert their desire to "lose belly fat" or "get leaner arms". What they fail to realize is that fat loss, muscle building and all fitness results are the expression of a SYSTEMIC change in their bodies... not just the manipulation of a single muscle or energy system.

As one of my favorite authors Dan John, would say... "The body is one piece."

We evolve as a whole. All systems... muscular, nervous, cardiovascular and hormonal systems work synergistically to move us in the direction that's most consistent with our behaviors. Even when we aim to isolate systems, we unexpectedly receive the benefits of advancement in others.

For example, you decide to quit smoking so that you can breathe better. After several months of not smoking you notice an improvement in your cardiovascular abilities, but you ALSO recognize that your skin looks better and your hair has stopped falling out! This is exactly how our body works… we are "one piece".

Whatever we do, affects everything.

If we agree that the human body / mind is a single unit, then why do we still approach our exercise and training programs in a segmented fashion? Wouldn't it make more sense to work WITH our bodies and prepare for the advancement of ALL strength and fitness qualities at the same time?

When we follow a "holistic" or hybrid approach to our training we effortlessly move in the direction of our greatest muscle building, fat loss and athletic performance potentials without resistance from nature. We are moving with the river, instead of against it. This leads to faster, longer lasting results… minus the typical anxiety and frustration.

Two of my favorite integrated or hybrid approaches fat loss and muscle building are "Power-building" and "Resistance cardio". These hybrid training systems enhance your body's ability to naturally build muscle and burn fat at the same time. They are effective means for increasing strength, muscle mass, cardiovascular health, fat loss and systemic vitality.

The first hybrid approach is "Power Building". This is where a fitness seeker or athlete combines strength producing exercises and the variables consistent with it (heavy weights and low volume) with muscle building exercises and the parameters associated with it (moderate weights and high volume) in the same workout.

An example of a Power Building workout would include a heavy full body exercise like barbell squats for multiple sets to train the nervous system followed by a moderate intensity exercise for higher reps like dumbbell step-ups to develop muscle mass. This is a great way to improve functional strength and build attractive muscle at the same time.

With regards to conventional cardio training, most individuals limit themselves to the single dimension of jogging or cycling. This type of training is good… but what may be even better would be to combine the efforts of the cardiovascular system with the muscular system. This would create a hybrid experience within the body that produces the results of more lean mass while burning fat.

Resistance Cardio can be performed in several manners, but amongst my favorite are the use of pulling sleds and kettlebells. Pulling sleds offers a low impact, moderate intensity form of cardio training that has the capacity to build muscle and strength in the legs and core while increasing the heart rate offering a fat burning response.

I also really enjoy kettlebell training as it offers a functional (and fun) alternative to jogging. Kettlebells also elicit a muscle building response which leads to a leaner, HARDER physique that with the use of jogging alone.

When we follow a "holistic" or hybrid approach to our training we effortlessly move in the direction of our greatest muscle building, fat loss and athletic performance potentials with ease.

Hybrid muscle training is highly effective, functional and fun. If you believe as I do, that the body (and our lives) are an expression integrated systems and subsystems AND you love the fat loss and muscle building benefits of challenging workouts... then I invite you to consider Lean Hybrid Muscle training!

Click The Link Below To Try This Program For Yourself:

Friday, November 13, 2009

You Gotta Try These Hybrid Muscle Workouts...

I just got off the phone with professional strongman, Elliott Hulse. He was my special guest coach on the Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show.

Elliott shared some killer training tips about how you can
incorporate "Hybrid Muscle Training" in your own workouts.

In fact he spilled the beans and literally GAVE AWAY the
entire basic training phase of the program right on the show.
But trust me, even though Elliott calls it a "basic phase"
it's still a hard-core workout that will whip you into shape!

I'm jacked and really looking forward to giving Hybrid Training
a try in my own workouts because it's something totally unique
from the typical weight training and cardio workouts that I'm
used to doing.

And as you know, when you incorporate something new in your
routine, you are almost guaranteed to make a new growth spurt
and take your muscular development to a higher level. And that's
exactly what I'm planning on doing with Hybrid Training Workouts.

Anyway Lee you can download the replay of the show
and get the scoop on this unique style of training at:


If you want to try these workouts out for yourself
you can order a copy of the entire training system
online at:

And if you order within the next 48 hours Elliott is
going to be throwing in 3 extra online training DVD's
showing the exact workouts for building muscle while
trimming off that bit of excess pudge at the same time!

Not only that, but if you follow this training system
and submit your "before" and "after" photos you'll be
entered in to win a beach vacation to Florida and actually
get to train at Elliott's Hard-Core Strength Camp Gym!

Again, just click on the link below for all the details:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are you bulking or cutting?

I have to admit that when I first heard professional strongman, Elliott Hulse, preaching about a 'Type III' muscle fiber and how you can use it to build muscle and burn fat at the same time...

Well, I was pretty skeptical about what he was saying...

After all I'm the "go to guy" a lot of people seek out when looking for bodybuilding and fitness advice and most times when someone would ask me about 'bulking' or 'cutting'. I'd say focus on one or the other, that you CAN'T do both. You may have even heard me say those exact words before.

So obviously this talk of Lean Hybrid Muscle and developing a Type III muscle fiber is going to stir up some controversy... And I had to check out because I LOVE controversy :-)

But you know after seeing the results of their "experiment", I may have to swallow my words, because I'm convinced that there is definitely some method to their madness and it actually makes sense.

So if you're sick of spinning your wheels by "Bulking Up", getting strong, but also getting fat. Then having to switch gears to "Cutting Down" and then just end up
losing all your hard earned muscle, feeling scrawny and weak.

Than you should seriously take a look at this new Lean Hybrid Muscle System of training at:

It's not available to the general public until Nov. 15th, but because I'm having Elliott as a guest on my live Total Fitness Bodybuilding talk show tonight he gave me an early bird link to share with you.

Look, you should know me well enough by now to know that I'm not going to "twist your arm" and try to force you to do anything. Either you think this is right for you or
you don't. Either way is cool with me.

But what I'm doing is giving you a head start to at least check this out before it's released to the public.

Oh, one more thing. I took one of my favorite articles that really helped me grasp this whole "hybrid training style" and I posted below for you to read...


"Lean Hybrid Muscle Training"

The most common strategy most people employ for packing on muscle mass, and then leaning out, is through "bulking and cutting". The problem though is that it doesn't always work.

The most common scenario is that you put on more weight than you want so you get "fat", and then jump into endless cardio only to lose a lot of the hard-earned muscle that you built. So, for a lot of guys the choice seems to be between being strong and fat or weak and lean.

I'm here to tell you with absolute certainty that this doesn't have to be the case. You don't have to choose between being really strong and a bit plump or being really lean and kind of weak with little muscle definition.

I'm going to let you in on a secret - it's an unconventional approach that runs contrary to ordinary training philosophies. To build the body you want, you need to build muscle and burn fat at the same time in order to achieve that goal of having a ripped, muscular physique.
The way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time is through incorporating both aerobic and anaerobic activity not just in the same training session but in the same exercise.

By combining resistance weight training with cardio training in the same set, we force the thicker stronger Type-II (fast twitch) muscle fibers to behave more like Type-I (slow twitch) fibers.

By utilizing both types of muscle fibers in the same exercise we can actually build a "HYBRID" Type-IIC muscle fiber that has been nicknamed a Type-III.

Now why would you want a Type-III hybrid muscle fiber?

This reconfigured super muscle has more mitochondrial density which means more nutrients can be processed giving these Type-III muscle fibers a greater capacity to grow bigger and resist fatigue for longer periods.

This style of training mimics the way that our ancestors used to live. They didn't train with weights one day and run laps the next. No. The kinds of activities they did every day would have been very much like the hybrid training we're talking about.

Our ancestors were both muscular and lean and it didn't result from things they set out intentionally to do but rather, it was a natural byproduct of the way they lived their lives.

They were able to both build muscle and burn fat at the same time without even having to consciously think about. By adopting some of the very same training principles that they employed, modern man can achieve the same results.

To discover how you can tap into your hybrid muscle fibers in order to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously, click the link below...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Check Out This Hard-Core Workout...

My friend and professional strongman competitor, Elliott Hulse, just shot this killer hard-core training video of everyday average guys (and gals) training in his gym and getting in awesome shape from "Lean Hybrid Muscle Workouts".

Let me tell you, I'm jacked, inspired, and ready to hit the gym after watching this! You can check it out for yourself below...

If you liked that style of training, then I've got a special treat for you because on this Thursday's Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show Professional Strongman competitor, Elliott Hulse, is going to be joining me!

This guy is the real deal and knows his stuff when it comes to training to get lean, mean, and brutally strong. I'm super pumped about having Elliot as a guest on our show because he is going to be sharing some killer training tips about how we can use the Lean Hybrid Muscle Style of training to pack on muscle, increase strength, and blast away stubborn bodyfat at the same time.

This is definitely something you don't want to miss!
So be sure to tune in live Thursday Nov. 12 at 9pm EST at:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Fall For The Acai Berry Scams...

I'm normally a very laid back and easy going guy, but I'm really Pissed Off right now after getting this e-mail the other day...


I normally like what you have to say and I follow all your videos and stuff. But I saw your before and after picture on one of those side bar advertisements for some acai pill and another pill for the some muscle pump.

It claimed you went from your skinny before picture to the present picture of you in 8 weeks... Come on man that is a bunch of BS, why did you post that? Can't you be a little more honest?

No doubt if you have surfed the Internet at all over the last few months you have seen these stupid ads plastered everywhere. Usually with the headline: "How I got ripped in 4 weeks..."
or something along those lines.

Please Don't Fall For This Bull Sh!t...

When you see any of these ads in the future stay the hell away from them. As they are nothing but a bunch of low life scam artists out to make a quick buck.

Then they try to make it look real by posting up some bull sh!t story of a guy on a blog saying how he got in the best shape of his life by taking this acai berry crap. They'll follow up his story with a bunch of other fake posts, comments, before and after pics, etc. All trying to get you to buy their 14 day acai berry trial.

Just to let you know acai berry is nothing more then some over priced, over hyped fruit juice. In fact it has LESS anti-oxidants then the plain old apple or orange juice that you can pick up at the grocery store!

So to put things in perspective, you have a better chance of getting ripped and buff by drinking a glass of OJ then you do taking this acai berry (and OJ will cost you a lot less money too).

Now to make matters worse, not only is this whole acai stuff a huge scam to try and trick you out of your hard earned money, while these dishonest greedy SOB's are laughing all the way to the bank... With YOUR Money!

But they are illegally using pictures of people, like myself, and several other reputable fitness professionals, to advertise their websites. It's bad enough that they are selling a BS product, but to tarnish the image of honest people with their scam just makes my blood boil.

In fact the Better Business Bureau has already received "thousands" of complaints from consumers. And they have released a statement warning consumers to be wary of any website offering acai berry-related products.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officials have yet to catch up to these rogue operators because they operate in foreign countries. But when they do get caught, and it's only a matter of time, you can bet they are going to face some heavy fraud charges and hopefully some serious jail time as well.

So I just wanted to clarify that I DO NOT... I repeat DO NOT endorse any such supplements like acai berry! When you see any of these ads in the future stay the hell away from them. As they are nothing but a bunch of low life scam artists out to make a quick buck.

If you want to read more about the acai berry scam just check out this article on CTV News at:

And if you would like to know what nutritional supplements that I honestly do recommend and actually take myself, then check out my article: Lee's Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements.

Incline Push Ups For The Upper Chest

Push ups are one of the best chest exercises that you can do. They help to build up your upper body and increase strength. In this video I'll show you an advanced incline push up variation that really targets the upper pecs.

If you'd like to get more killer chest workout training tips then pick up a copy of my
"Blast Your Bench" program at:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Looking for a Kick Ass Energy Booster?

Looking for a Kick Ass Energy Booster?

Hardly a day goes by that I don't get asked about ways to increase energy levels. People are always curious as to what foods they should eat and what supplements they should take to jack up their energy levels.

Everything from Nitric Oxide to Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed to Red-Bull and RockStar...

You name it people are looking for it and are willing to try it all. And yet the one thing that often gets ignored, but yet can improve your strength and energy levels better then any supplement or stimulant is sleep!

The benefits of getting adequate sleep are HUGE! Everything from speeding up your muscle recovery, increasing growth hormone levels, improving your athletic performance, improved heart function, cell repair, and the list goes on and on...

But one thing that may be of interest to you - is that sufficient sleep helps increase your motivation for exercise!

One of the biggest excuses people have for not following through with their workout routine consistently is being too tired to exercise. But one thing that you can do (and it costs nothing!) is simply taking a 20 minute power nap in the afternoon.

You will feel more alert and energetic afterwards, and once rested after your mid-afternoon nap, your mood, efficiency, and alertness level will improve greatly.

Scientists have proven that taking a 20-minute nap approximately eight hours after you have awaken will do more for your strength and stamina than sleeping in later in the morning.

Of course when you first come out of your afternoon nap, you will probably feel a bit groggy for about ten minutes, but once this dissipates, you will reap the rewards of being well rested, recharged, and ready to go for the rest of the day.

So if you are looking for a kick ass energy booster with no jittery side effects, just take a 20 minute power nap when you get home from work or school.

It's easy, it's proven effective, and it's FREE!

Free Total Fitness Bodybuilding Video Talk Show!

Tonight Thursday November 5th at: 9:00 pm Eastern Time we are having our
Live Total Fitness Bodybuilding Video Talk Show!

If you have any questions about building muscle, burning bodyfat, working out, nutrition, supplementation, etc. then this is your chance to ask them live on the show.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free E-book - The Warrior Physique

The Warrior Physique

In this report let us explore how some of this planet's all-time greatest elite warriors of the past developed some physiques that have become legendary! If you feel like you're close to becoming a desk jockey or you want to feel like you did in college, revive your energy, build lean muscle mass while burning fat as fast as possible than definitely grab this free PDF report.

Learn about the Vikings, the Gladiators, the Spartans and how you can develop a physique for the ages. Includes a special bonus review of The Warrior Diet!

Right Click the link below and save the file to your computer.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Over the weekend I was chatting with professional strongman competitor Elliott Hulse. And I have to say, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to training to get brutally strong.

But that strength came at a cost of gaining a lot of excess bodyfat in the process. And Elliott admits that it was a huge mistake on his part letting himself go like that.

But I have a lot of respect for this guy because he swallowed his pride and exposed the truth for the world to see...

(It's not easy for a pro to confess he screwed up!)

Elliott went back to the drawing board and came up with a unique training strategy that combines strongman, bodybuilding, and bodyweight conditioning workouts to create the optimal training environment for rapidly building lean muscle while trimming off that excess pudge at the same time.

He just posted up a video explaining how the whole process works and I think you should check it out at:

But I have to warn you, it does contain some pretty WEIRD and embarrassing moments. However, I think you'll be able to relate a bit to what these guys went through. I know I could.

Again, the link to check it out is at:

How To Build Big Calfs With Slow Motion Reps

I've been asked by some of my coaching students to put up some videos about leg training so that's what I've been doing lately.

This one focuses on brining up stubborn calf muscles. One of the best ways to build up the calfs is with an exaggerated range slow motion reps. Really getting a deep stretch in the bottom and holding it, then getting a full peak contraction at the top and holding it. This will literally force those calfs to grow.

For more awesome exercises you should get a copy of my Total Fitness Bodybuilding DVD Training System. On this 2 disc DVD set I cover over 100 muscle building exercises in great detail and provide sample workout program that you can follow based on your training experience level.

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