Saturday, November 14, 2009

Power Building and Resistance Cardio

Power Building and Resistance Cardio:
The Killer Combo!

By Elliott Hulse

It never ceases to amaze me how many people have fallen victim to the lie of "isolated results." Essentially, the idea that fitness, success and life results are created in a vacuum... completely detached and isolated incidences.

For example, many women call me inquiring about fitness training and assert their desire to "lose belly fat" or "get leaner arms". What they fail to realize is that fat loss, muscle building and all fitness results are the expression of a SYSTEMIC change in their bodies... not just the manipulation of a single muscle or energy system.

As one of my favorite authors Dan John, would say... "The body is one piece."

We evolve as a whole. All systems... muscular, nervous, cardiovascular and hormonal systems work synergistically to move us in the direction that's most consistent with our behaviors. Even when we aim to isolate systems, we unexpectedly receive the benefits of advancement in others.

For example, you decide to quit smoking so that you can breathe better. After several months of not smoking you notice an improvement in your cardiovascular abilities, but you ALSO recognize that your skin looks better and your hair has stopped falling out! This is exactly how our body works… we are "one piece".

Whatever we do, affects everything.

If we agree that the human body / mind is a single unit, then why do we still approach our exercise and training programs in a segmented fashion? Wouldn't it make more sense to work WITH our bodies and prepare for the advancement of ALL strength and fitness qualities at the same time?

When we follow a "holistic" or hybrid approach to our training we effortlessly move in the direction of our greatest muscle building, fat loss and athletic performance potentials without resistance from nature. We are moving with the river, instead of against it. This leads to faster, longer lasting results… minus the typical anxiety and frustration.

Two of my favorite integrated or hybrid approaches fat loss and muscle building are "Power-building" and "Resistance cardio". These hybrid training systems enhance your body's ability to naturally build muscle and burn fat at the same time. They are effective means for increasing strength, muscle mass, cardiovascular health, fat loss and systemic vitality.

The first hybrid approach is "Power Building". This is where a fitness seeker or athlete combines strength producing exercises and the variables consistent with it (heavy weights and low volume) with muscle building exercises and the parameters associated with it (moderate weights and high volume) in the same workout.

An example of a Power Building workout would include a heavy full body exercise like barbell squats for multiple sets to train the nervous system followed by a moderate intensity exercise for higher reps like dumbbell step-ups to develop muscle mass. This is a great way to improve functional strength and build attractive muscle at the same time.

With regards to conventional cardio training, most individuals limit themselves to the single dimension of jogging or cycling. This type of training is good… but what may be even better would be to combine the efforts of the cardiovascular system with the muscular system. This would create a hybrid experience within the body that produces the results of more lean mass while burning fat.

Resistance Cardio can be performed in several manners, but amongst my favorite are the use of pulling sleds and kettlebells. Pulling sleds offers a low impact, moderate intensity form of cardio training that has the capacity to build muscle and strength in the legs and core while increasing the heart rate offering a fat burning response.

I also really enjoy kettlebell training as it offers a functional (and fun) alternative to jogging. Kettlebells also elicit a muscle building response which leads to a leaner, HARDER physique that with the use of jogging alone.

When we follow a "holistic" or hybrid approach to our training we effortlessly move in the direction of our greatest muscle building, fat loss and athletic performance potentials with ease.

Hybrid muscle training is highly effective, functional and fun. If you believe as I do, that the body (and our lives) are an expression integrated systems and subsystems AND you love the fat loss and muscle building benefits of challenging workouts... then I invite you to consider Lean Hybrid Muscle training!

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  1. Hi Lee I am a coach/ manager/ of a boxing club fitness center here in NS, Training boxers in the am's and pros from all ages male and female,
    I really enjoy your info on resistance cardio and your site in general, You are one of the most up close and personal I have come across on any of these sites, We have mixed alot of your info with some of our own,with great results, Keep up the great site, Tom Davis,

  2. Lee,

    Arnik here.
    Can you please see this Whey supplement which is at discount price.

    Is it any good value for money at this price.

    Can you please help

  3. Used car salesmen is what Lee and Elliott are. You add to the misinformation about burning fat while creating a hype about your new 'product'. You burn fat by creating a calorie deficit and you are suggesting that it is the 'fat burning exercise' that will burn fat. No matter how much anyone 'hybrid' trains they need to create a calorie deficit to burn fat and to do so they don't need to buy anything from you or Elliott. I find some of your information useful but I think you have reduced your credibility with associattion with this new 'product' of Elliott's.