Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Incline Push Ups For The Upper Chest

Push ups are one of the best chest exercises that you can do. They help to build up your upper body and increase strength. In this video I'll show you an advanced incline push up variation that really targets the upper pecs.

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  1. Awesome exercise! I always do push-ups in my warm-up before chest workouts. Lee would you recommend doing push-ups as a finishing move as well? Or supersetting flyes and push-ups? Do you always end you're chest workouts with push-ups till failure?

  2. yo Lee, don't worry about the posting from the hater, I've heard about acai but don't use it. i just follow your routine and I have seen positive result which Iam satify with. Im 57 years old, and asthmatic all my life. right now my friends compliment on great I look and that's important to me..so continue your passion with teaching your skill about bodybuilding... a fan, Eddie