Monday, November 23, 2009

Bodybuilding Competition Pics...

We had our local Newfoundland Provincial Bodybuilding Championships this past Saturday. I was helping some of the competitors get ready backstage and I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of some of the physiques these folks had.

Many of them were first time competitors. They aren't "pro athletes" they are just average people who set a goal and then busted their butts in the gym and actually followed through with it. If you are looking for the "secret" to muscle building success that's pretty much it right there.

The 2 guys that really impressed me was the lightweight and overall winner Zaid Adamo and the Bantamweight winner Jeff Nippard. They are shown in the pic below with the figure short class winner Lisa Woolgar.

I have a bunch more pics that I took back stage at the competition posted up on my FaceBook page at:

Let me tell you, just being at the show, helping out backstage, and smelling the protan has got me itching to compete again... Maybe the Atlantic's next spring...

If you have ever thought about competing in a bodybuilding competition and would like to know exactly what's involved with contest prep from losing bodyfat, getting ripped, and all the fine details to posing, tanning, and looking your best on stage. Then you should grad a copy of my book "Your First Bodybuilding Competition".

This is a complete step-by-step bodybuilding competition training guide that explains everything you need to know about preparing for and looking your best at your first bodybuilding competition. In fact several of the competitors at our local show this year have this book and have followed this exact program to help them get ready for the competition.


  1. need vhelp need to get big how??

  2. lovi the advice lee realy helpd me thanks

  3. Lee thanks alot for this site and all of the help you offer. Good work on the show to I really learn a lot from it. Keep up the good work.


  5. Lee

    You should upgrade your blog or get a filter on here to keep the crap/tools off here.

    You dont need this crap. Keep up the good work & helping people out.


  6. Keep up the great work Lee! From reading the above comments, it sounds like someone is jealous of all the great work your doing..

  7. Dont listen to that stuff those dicks r writing ur really great at bodybuilding stuff and everything keep up the great work

  8. hey lee first time blog poster here, from reading the above comments i was forced to tell you to ignore the wankers and keep doing what you do best, share your success with others who are serious about there health and fitness.. if anything use it as motivation for yor next workout... cheers

  9. Lee, U r doing an excellent job. I admit that Arnold is literally God to me. I learnt bodybuilding through his books.
    But Each of ur mails and advices have really helped me a lot in getting that edge in my workouts.
    Dont mind some idiots mocking you. We have a saying here in my country.
    " When the elephant walks graciously several dogs bark but from a distance. But the elephant does not pay any heed and marches on".

    You da man Lee. Keep ur the good work:)

  10. Sir Lee My name is Aamir Khan and form pakistan your contribution towards bodybuilding is great we have some idiots here some please don't mind you are my great teacher lee I respect you sir

  11. I really learn a lot through your bodybuilding tips, videos and lectures and am looking great in club lots of guys who are very senior form me ask me the tips to make muscle, diet plan how to lift the bars the dabbles a lot more and ofcourse people on the street gaizing me look my muscle

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