Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Build Big Calfs With Slow Motion Reps

I've been asked by some of my coaching students to put up some videos about leg training so that's what I've been doing lately.

This one focuses on brining up stubborn calf muscles. One of the best ways to build up the calfs is with an exaggerated range slow motion reps. Really getting a deep stretch in the bottom and holding it, then getting a full peak contraction at the top and holding it. This will literally force those calfs to grow.

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  1. great video lee! gastrocnemius brickus those are massive haha

    You ever point your heel/toes in/out on standing calf raises?

    - Dom/xxcubs22xx

  2. Dominic, I do this as well with my standing calf raises. I'll do a set facing forward, then go out, then in, then back to the forward position...doing about 25-30 reps.

    Lee, can we perform this exercise say seated using dumbbells?


  3. Nice post Lee. You should also do the "Big Toe Technique" by Nick Nilsson. When you do calf rasises concentrating all of your tension on the big toe, you really push the calves hard. It is difficult to do and hard to maintain contraction. This is a ballerina technique and we all know how there calves look!

    I started doing them and saw a big change in size and soreness.