Friday, April 10, 2009

Bodybuilding talk show replay is available

The replay of last nights live Total Fitness Bodybuilding talk show is available for you to download at:

We had a great show last night with a good turn out of viewers. I host this live video talk show every Thursday night and it's a great opportunity to chat, share some training ideas, and get your fitness and nutrition questions answered live on the show.

I'm looking to chatting with you on next weeks show!


Vince DelMonte's new No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD Series is SOLD OUT!

In fact, Vince actually oversold some DVD's because orders were still coming in during the middle of the night. So hopefully you were able to get your copy before they sold out!

But the good news is that there will be a new batch of DVD's made just for orders that make it in before mid-night tonight, this is to honor the original deadline.

However, at 12 mid-night Vince is SHUTTING DOWN THE SITE.

It will NOT even be available at the higher price. So today is your LAST CHANCE to get the No-Nonsense DVD Series at:

(Note: the 3 easy payment plans are still available)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lee!
    I caught the replay of you show a few days ago. This show was so good that I recorded the audio on a CD so that I could listen to it a couple of more times. You really picked some good questions to answer on this show. Very informative. There was one point in the show where you were talking about whether sex has any impact on your workouts. You mentioned a word that starts with the letter M and said that maybe its a good forearm workout. I had to press the pause button cause I was laughing so hard! You made me laugh Lee. That was really cool!
    Sexual stimulation causes the body to increase the production of oxytocin which then increases endorphin production (the "feel-good" chemical), and this has a direct impact on testosterone. Plain and simple, increase your sexual activity to naturally increase your testosterone level. Classic show Lee. Best one yet! You have a good sense of humor. Glad you brought some of that on to the show. Good job! I'll be sure not to miss the next one.
    Robert Valdes