Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do you want to get ripped by summer?

I just finished chatting with my buddy Vince DelMonte who's creating a lot of buzz and excitement this week with the launch of his Brand New No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD Series that kicked-off yesterday.

And this is turning out to be bigger then originally
expected because he only had 480 copy's to begin with
and 259 of them sold in the first 24-hours. At that
rate they are going to be gone by this time tomorrow!

Let's face it, everyone wants to get absolutely ripped
by summer and according to all the success story case
studies of people on his website you can really do it
with this proven system - no matter what kind of shape
you are in right now or what your fitness goal.

Vince is honored by the overwhelming positive response.
But at the same time he's a bit worried that some serious
and committed people, who miss this email, are going to
lose out on their chance to follow this killer physique
transformation system to a "tire-kicker" who is
expecting an overnight miracle.

So if you're ready to start sculpting your very
own head-turning muscular physique and get ripped
for summer then it's going to require 2 things from you:

1. You must follow a cutting edge training & nutrition
program based on advanced techniques.


2. Your commitment to stick with the program.

With the No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD Series
you have the first part covered. The second part is up to you...

I rarely promote anything other then my own training
programs simply because most stuff that I see out there
is pure junk. But I have to admit that Vince has out
done himself with this killer DVD course.

What I really like about it is the all value he gives,
nothing is left to chance. He has packed more usable
"How To" techniques and strategies into this DVD course
then I've seen in any course before... (even my own)

Just go and check it out for yourself at:

all the best,
Lee Hayward

If you want a shot at this life-changing system, you
better make a move today because there's a VERY LIMITED
number of these DVD sets, if they haven't sold out by now.

I know a lot of people are signing up just to get
access to the digital No-Nonsense Muscle Building
and Six Pack Quest programs as f.r.e.e bonus gifts
(they retail at $107 each!)

PLUS Vince is also giving you 5 brand new extra
supporting bonuses and f.r.e.e shipping & handling
until Friday April 10th at midnight EST.

Just head on over to this site and take
your first step to a world class body!

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