Monday, April 13, 2009

Bent Over Reverse Grip EZ Barbell Rows

In this video clip I'm demonstrating how to do a few different reverse grip row variations with an EZ curl bar. This makes the reverse grip more comfortable on your wrists and allows you to get a better grip on the barbell. This will let you focus all your attention on working your back and feeling your lat muscles flex and contract with each rep.

Give it a try in your next back workout!


  1. Wooooh! Lee!
    First thing I noticed when I saw this video is how massive you'd got in the past 2 & a half weeks. You must been doing some really crazy cool weight training, cause your shoulders and chest are really busting out of your T-shirt. I'll bet you've been doing some major benching cause it sure shows. I knew those 2 weeks rest would do wonders for you. You seem to be growing to new proportions. Those high reps you have been doing seriously seem to be changing your body to a new level of bodybuilding development for the better. I think all heavy trainers should take a couple of weeks off every 2 or 3 months then come back strong shocking the body into a new growth cycle like you did with your new high rep routine. Your arms look great too, and your waist looks smaller. Oh I almost forgot... Great back exercises. Keeping it interesting! You're Awesome!, and THATS REALLY COOL!
    Robert Valdes

  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for all these video tips. I've been lifting for a couple of years now, and appreciate the ideas for variation of my lifts. The video examples are a great help, and I can review them right before leaving for the gym.

    Love your website and your blog! Thanks again for the great information.