Friday, April 24, 2009

Do Squats Hurt Your Knees?

Do squats hurt your knees? If so then try doing front squats instead. Front squats are easier on your knee joints than back squats according to researchers at the University of Florida. They found that holding the barbell in front of your body instead of across your back upper back changes your center of gravity and reduces the stress on the knee joints.


Front Squats

This is a variation of the squat. This exercise is harder on the muscles, but easier on the joints, than regular squats. It places all the weight in front of your body. This exercise works the quadriceps more then regular squats.

Use a rack such as a squat or power rack to hold the barbell. Unrack a barbell holding it across your shoulders. Squat down until your upper thighs are below parallel with the floor. Keep your head up and using the strength of your legs and back return to the starting position. Repeat.


  1. hey lee thanks for posting this - I asked you about this last night on your live show and can't wait to try it. Thanks Pal. I've learned a ton thanks to you!!

  2. I do find squats hurt my knees sometimes and find I can't go very deep as i like to. I tried the front squat my last leg workout and didn't have any knee problems and i can squat deeper on the front squat than the standard squat. I am now taking a break from squats and doing more front squats and box squats for alwhile. Thanks for the post Lee and reminding me of the front squat