Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A One Size Fits All Diet Plan...

What could buying a wedding suit have to do
with building muscle and losing bodyfat?

Well, a lot more than you might think!
Especially when it comes to muscle building nutrition.

Let me explain...

My buddy Vince DelMonte and I were chatting about
this not too long ago and he discovered something
quite interesting while shopping for a wedding suit
of all things.

Here's what Vince said:

"I always thought that creating a custom
tailored suit was extremely complex, ultra
expensive, and required an experienced tailor.
Yet, I found a tailor who explained how the
whole process works.

Every custom suit begins with a simple
"one size fits all" template. But over
multiple fittings and modifications, eventually
the suit becomes a custom tailored suit."

When it comes to planning out a nutrition program,
the process is no different. You need to begin
with a simple, basic "one size fits all" nutritional
template and test it, tweak it, and make changes based
on the results you experience.

Only by starting with the basics can you arrive at the
final destination - a perfect nutrition program that will
help you build a perfectly sculpted lean muscular body.

There is NO magic diet plan

There is no quick fix fad dietbook
"Eat right for your blood type" kind of solution.

The best (and fastest) way to get in killer shape
with full muscle development and lean ripped definition
is to follow a meal plan that is based on proven
nutritional principles plus your own informed
trial - and - error modifications.

In other words, you begin with a basic eating plan
that's based on the best nutrition information available,
test it and modify it based on your results.

The problem for most of us is that the 95% of the
nutrition info that's out there is down right confusing,
contradicting, completely unnecessary and ridiculous.

Getting the perfect body and perfect
meal plan must begin with an ORIGIN

If you're not prepared to put in some time, effort,
discipline and pay attention to a few details, then
getting and keeping a rock hard body may NOT be possible
for you.

Sorry but it's the truth...

However, if you do agree that you need a
simple "done-for-you" meal plan to start with
now, then test it, and modify it as needed.

Then I want to share some of the best Muscle Building
& Fat Loss meal plans that I've ever seen called,
"Done-For-You Meal Plans".

Every caloric amount is included.
84-days of variety for each plan.
Grocery lists, delicious recipes and more.

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