Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FREE Fat Loss Meal Plan

I have some REALLY exciting news to share with you today...

My buddy Vince DelMonte - the guy I've been working out
with in all my most recent YouTube videos - is going to
GIVE YOU a killer fat shredding meal plan for FREE!

He is actually giving away 2 fat loss nutrition meal plans:
one for Men, and one for Women at:


So you can keep one of them for yourself and give one to
your significant other, or to a friend, who would like to
have a "Done-For-You-Meal-Plan" that is designed to melt
away stubborn belly fat and reveal ripped rock hard abs.

As you know, the food you eat is one of the most critical
aspects to getting the lean defined body you want. You
can be 100% consistent with your workouts, but if you
don't fuel your body properly with a well planned
nutrition program, you will NOT get the results.

Some bodybuilding and fitness experts even go so far
as to say your nutrition is responsible for 80% of your
progress in the gym. Especially when it comes to getting
that lean cut "beach body" look that we all want.

This is your opportunity right now to maximize your efforts
in the gym and chisel out your very own ripped hardbody with
a high quality, easy to follow, nutrition plan.

If you had a high performance sports car like a Ferrari you wouldn't put low grade fuel in it would you?

Well your body is no different, so to get the best results you should treat it like a high performance sports car and fuel it with proper nutrition with your very own
"Done-For-You-Meal-Plan" from:


And Yes this is 100% FREE!
Just go to the website and let them know where to
e-mail your nutrition programs to and you can get
started TODAY!

You maybe wondering "what's the catch?"...
Well, the only catch is that you can only get this
FREE meal plan offer until Wednesday June 17th.

These "Done-For-You-Meals" are regularly $57 each,
but right now you can grab 2 of them
(one for the guys and one for the gals)
for the best price ever - zero.

This is perhaps one of the most valuable giveaways EVER!

So make sure to head on over and check out the site below:
--> http://www.doneforyoumeals.com/

Enter your name and email and you'll get instant access
to your very own Fat Burning Nutrition Meal Plan.

It's as simple as that!

all the best,
Lee Hayward
(Your Muscle Building Coach)

Make sure to take advantage of this offer RIGHT NOW
because this page is coming down Wednesday June 17th.
So if you don't grab your meal plan before then you
WILL miss out.

There is NO CATCH. Nothing to buy. So you can
put your wallet away and just take advantage
of this killer fat loss nutrition meal plan at:


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