Friday, June 5, 2009

Bodybuilding Talk Show Replay Posted

Last night we had our June 4th Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk show and it was a great show with a record number of viewers. We actually peaked out with 316 people tuning in live to watch the show.

There were lots of great questions that came through and lots of participation from the viewers. I'm really pleased with how this show has taken off, and I really enjoy online each week and doing my part to help you in your quest to build a lean muscular physique.

You can click on the link below to watch the video replay of the show:

You can also download the MP3 audio recording and save it to your ipod or burn it off on a CD to listen to later while you are away from the computer.

And just a reminder that I'm going to be doing another live show next Thursday night (June 11) at:

So be sure to check off your calendar and tune live so you can participate on the show. I promise you'll get some killer tips for building muscle, burning bodyfat, and getting in your best shape ever!


  1. Hey Lee,
    I'm at AWE at how you established yourself online. Its extremely rare that a fitneess inatructer would not only share his insights on fitness & health, but also share what goes on in his lifestyle good or bad. I mean you even posted a picture of yourself with that nose bridge after coming out of the hospital! To give fitness & nutritional tips, & sell products that always provide results is one thing... But to share what goes on in your personal life is TOTALLY OFF THE HOOK MAN! I must say that you are a rare commodity. Thanks for making your follwers a part of your life as we will continue to make us a part of yours. Hope to see you on some TV appearances in the near future. that would be LA CREME DE LA CREME. I'M OUT!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Robert. It's much appreciated!