Friday, June 12, 2009

Bodybuilding Talk Show Replay Posted

Last night we had our June 11th Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk show with special guest coach Andy Pratt who has just created an MMA style conditioning workout program called:
"Warrior Built – How To Transform Your Body and Build a Fighters Physique!"

Check out the trailer clip below...

I've got a demo copy of the training DVD's and I've already went through my first workout this morning right at home in my living room. And I have to say that it kicks ass! Just trying to keep up with the circuit got me totally pumped, jacked, and dripping with sweat.

These workouts combine bodyweight exercises, dumbbell exercises, and cardio conditioning. Sort of similar to a crossfit or P90X style workout. But the unique thing about Warrior Built is that all the workouts are organized into 5 minute rounds (just like an MMA fight) which makes it more fun and challenging.

This is totally different from the typical workouts that I normally do and it was an awesome change of pace. I can already tell just from the soreness in my muscles right now that I'm going to make some killer gains over the next 6 weeks just from the unique style of training and muscle stimulation.

If you missed the show last night, then you can watch the video replay or download the MP3 audio recording and save it to your ipod or burn off on CD-ROM at:


  1. Hey Lee,
    Congratulations Lee! I just watched your show a few minutes ago. You broke the record with 500 viewers tuned in, and that number just won me a jug of whey protein of my choice. My next door neighbor was watching the show with me & I predicted you would hit 500 viewers or more. She lost. She said less. Great show Lee. Very informative. It was a CLASSIC! IT WAS AWESOME! MAN! I'll be looking out for your post on Andy's workout routines. I like the Demo Video you put up. AWESOME!, And I'm not just talking about the BEAUTIFUL LADIES, Or maybe I am... I played it over just to see the GORGIOUS BABE'S! A workout DVD with BABE'S. I'm definitely gonna buy this one. HOT! HOT! HOT!
    Robert Valdes

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