Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tricep Workout With Dumbells

This is a tricep workout that myself and Vince DelMonte did while working out on vacation in Las Vegas. The small hotel gym we were training at had a limited amount of equipment (i.e. an adjustable bench, dumbbell rack, and some resistance machines). So this entire tricep workout is done using just dumbbell exercises only.

We used the Positions Of Flexion style of training which starts with a mid-range compound exercise (rolling db extensions), then goes into a fully streched exercise (overhead db extenstions), and finishes up with a peak contraction exercise (db tricep kick backs).

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  1. Hey Lee, I use the same triceps routine. I work the midrange first cause midrange movements tend to work the bulk or belly of the muscle which I feel should be given priority for maximum development. Then I go to pre - stretch which involves more fiber for a more intense contraction. Then I finish off w the contracted position where the muscle is placed in its peak flexed position. The triceps has been warmed up from the previous movements, now you can get a more fuller contracted movement. I only use dumbbells case I noticed they tend to put less stress on my elbows. I do 2 sets per exercise, 6 sets total per body part, 6 - 8 reps, 2x per week. Same schedule for other body parts. I'm on a fat loss diet, so I tend to keep my reps low going w heavy to retain as much muscle as possible. Good routine coach. How's about putting up a routine on forearms. That would be AWESOME! LATER!
    Robert Valdes

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