Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You Overtraining In Your Workouts?

I've got a question for you...

"How can you tell if you are overtraining in your workouts?"

Overtraining has been a hot topic in the bodybuilding
and fitness world for the last couple decades and there
is a lot of confusion surrounding the whole concept of
how much training is enough and how much is too much.

There are generally 3 schools of thought
when it comes to overtraining:

- Some people think it doesn't exist and that the more
training you do the better.

- Some people think that everyone is overtraining and that
we all need to drastically reduce our training volume.

- And finally some people (like myself) believe that it
is an individual thing and we all react differently to
training volume.

You can't simply look at someone's workout routine
and tell if they are overtraining or not. It depends
on the individual person. We all have different work
capacities and some people can handle more workout
volume then others and still make progress.

Another very often over looked factor when it comes to
overtraining is your lifestyle outside the gym.

So for example someone who has a stressful life,
physically demanding job, or doesn't get much sleep.
Will overtrain much quicker then someone else who has
lower level of stress, less demanding job, and gets
8+ hours of sleep each night.

The best way to know if you are overtraining with your
workouts is to do a self-evaluation of yourself and your
overall workout progress.

One thing to keep track of is how you are feeling
physically. If you generally feel energetic and up beat,
then this is a good sign that you are NOT overtraining.

However, if you feel tired and burnt out most of the
time, then this could be a sign of overtraining.

Anther important factor that you want to monitor is
your strength gains in the gym. If you are making
strength gains on your major lifts on a regular basis
then this is a good sign that you are NOT overtraining.

However, if you are not making any strength gains,
or even worse, losing strength. Then you are probably
overtraining and need to make some drastic changes with
how you approach your workouts.

And I have some good news for you because I have put
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You'll learn the best training methods that will help you
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  1. Hello Lee,

    I have some queries. Maybe other also have same problem.I am starting my training after 6 months.Today was my first day and only after some chinups,pushups and light bench press I was exhausted.Can u recommend how to gain the muscle strength back and which training plan to follow, also mention some tips on diet for the above