Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Metabolic Conditioning Workout

Metabolic Conditioning Workout - Bodyweight Circuit Routine

This is one of several videos that Vince DelMonte and myself shot while working out a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas. In this video we are doing a fast paced and intense Metabolic Conditioning bodyweight circuit workout routine. This is an awesome way to get a killer muscle building and cardio workout with a simple 20 minute routine.

We did a full body circuit of pull ups, dips, box jumps / step ups, and leg raises.

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  1. lolz..

    gr8 article..

    I kind of like that gym though... looks like open air one!!! the one I go is enclosed... its good in the winter but hate it in summer :P

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  2. Awesome Workout Guys,

    It goes to show you that being on vacation and keeping a healthy mind sent will always in those who want to stay focused and in good shape.
    You two guys ( Lee & Vince ) working out together and showing how exercises are to be properly done will get you awesome reviews.

    Keep Up The Good Work... Herc.