Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Done For You Meal Plans For Athletes

If you are looking for a perfect meal plan that takes away all the guess work from your muscle building nutrition then I suggest that you pick yourself up a "Done For You Meal Plan" from

I've been following these meal plans myself and I just love them! You get 12 weeks of muscle building & fat burning meal plans to help you get in your best shape ever!

Everything is clearly laid for you, just follow the program exactly as it's outlined. No more second guessing if you are eating the right things or not. By following these eating plans you KNOW that you are eating right to maximize your progress in the gym.

In this video I go over the "Done For You Meal Plan" and actually make one of the breakfast meals.

I personally think the guys are waaayyy under charging for these meal plans, especially considering all the work and detail they go into with this stuff. But dispite this they are even slashing the price in HALF !?!

You read right, that's not a typo... until Friday July 3rd, you can get your very own "Done For You Meal Plan" for Half Price!

If you have ever struggled with your muscle building nutrition then do yourself a favor and click the link below to get your copy right now:


  1. I think their website is down.

  2. Hi Lee, I've been following your blog for quite sometime now though I have rarely left comments before.

    I'm gonna check out your recommendation here. thanks.

  3. I just checked and the site is online now, the server was probably just busy from all the visitors.

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    Bobby V.

  5. I bought the program a few days ago. Seems like a great program, just wish their wasn't so many different ingredients needed per week. At any rate, I'm going to start the Beach Ripped 1750 diet for men on Monday. I'm also on week 3 of your 12 week program. Between this diet and your program, I hope to really trim down my bodyfat levels.