Monday, July 20, 2009

Timed Dumbbell Bench Presses For 3 Minutes

This is a killer bench press exercise that will provide some unique muscle stimulation and really help to increase your bench press strength.

It's timed dumbbell bench presses. Take 50% of your working weight for dumbbell bench presses and perform a 3 minute long set as shown in the video below...

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  1. hi Lee,

    I just read your article "squats and milk...the 20 rep squat routine".

    When I do squats, my knees make a pretty hideous grinding sound. It sounds like two pieces of sandpaper rubbing up against each other.

    They don't necessarily hurt but the sound totally screws with me mentally because I feel like I must be doing serious damage. Also, my knees will pop and grind much more often in daily use after I workout (that is, walking up and down stairs they make the grinding noise and everytime I squat down).

    Any suggestions? Should I not be doing squats?

  2. That's weird, but the fact it doesn't hurt is good. However you may still want to check with your doctor to make sure everything is ok with your knees.

  3. That three minute dumbbell press was brutal. My arms didn't want to finish the exercise but my mind was made up to finish.

  4. Can you explain exactly step by step how to perform the 3 minute dumbell press

  5. It's pretty straight forward, just do dumbbell bench presses for 3 minutes as shown. What part don't you understand or need clarification on?

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