Friday, July 17, 2009

What's the key to bodybuilding success?

What's more important for achieving
your bodybuilding and fitness goals:

- your weight training
- your cardio training
- your nutrition & supplements
- or your inner game (i.e. your mindset)

While all of these components are important
and could be argued "critical" to your success,
what is the one key that holds it all together
and makes the wheels of success turn?

It is your mental Inner Game...

The stuff that goes on between your ears
has more of an impact on your long term muscle
building and fat loss results then any workout,
eating plan, or supplement.

I've personally seen guys who didn't have a
clue about proper training, nutrition, etc.
make incredible physique transformations simply
because they were so determined to succeed that
they didn't let anything stand in their way.

Knowing what you want and having the
determination to go after it, no matter
what, will have more of an impact on your
actual real world results then all the
techniques and "how to" information will
ever have.

I mean let's face it...
We all KNOW what we need to do in order
to take our physique to the next level.

We all know that we should workout with
weights, do cardio, eat a healthy nutritious
diet, and all that stuff. But so few people
actually follow through and do it.

If you have some excess bodyfat around the
middle that you'd like to lose then I'm sure
you could figure out what you need to do in
order to lose just 5 pounds in the next month
if you really had to - couldn't you?

And on the other side of the coin, if you are
skinny and want to bulk up, then I'm sure you
could figure out how to physically gain 5 lbs.
in the next month if you absolutely had to.

Don't you agree?

Then if that's the case, why is it that
we struggle so much with this stuff???

It has to do with our mindset. We need
to re-program our minds and set up the
conditions in our lives so that doing
the things that push us towards our
goals happens automatically.

And Tom Venuto's new
"Motivation Propulsion System"
does just that!

Tom is a natural bodybuilding champion and has
been competing and training people since 1989.
So needless to say he has learned a few things
along the way about how to whip people into shape
in a hurry.

And until mid-night tonight (July 17)
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Combine that with the killer Jedi Mind Trick
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  1. hey lee ive got a question to ask you. Is it recommended to train another bodypart, say your lats although your chest is still aching from a previous workout?

  2. Generally it's ok to work other muscle groups even if your previously trained muscle group is still sore. But use your own judgement.