Monday, July 27, 2009

Dumbbell Shoulder Workout For Building Big Round Delts

This is a shoulder workout that Vince DelMonte and myself did while we were on vacation down in Las Vegas a couple months ago (yeah, we shot a lot of workout videos LOL)

Workout Summary:
Exercise 1: Standing Arnold Presses
Exercise 2: Standing W Presses
Exercise 3: Upright Rows
Exercise 4: Bent Over V Raises
Exercise 5: Standing High Lateral Raises

"Don't count reps on this workout"
Find a weight you can handle 10-15 times and take each set to failure.
Rotate through each exercise without any rest.
Repeat circuit 3-5 times with 2 minute rest between each complete circuit.

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  1. Lee... You & Vince are the DYNAMIC DUO. You guys never seize to amaze me. I haven't done upright rows since back in the days. GREAT routine. Lee, I hope you don't mind me asking a question on this segment but, what supplements would you recommend for guys over 50 who want to build as much muscle as they can. Or is it just basically the same info as... Read More the young whipper snappers LOL. I know testosterone levels decrease as you get older which could be the reason I'm not making much gains at 56. I have a better then average knowledge of exercise & nutrition.What would you suggest. Thanks

  2. Lee, the title says "for big, round delts"...
    Is this routine smth you typically do?
    Or is it a one-time thing, since you didn't have enough gym equipment while on the road? And in this case how do you know this particular routine works?

  3. I'll incorporate these exercises into my workouts on a regular basis and they work great. Dumbbell exercises are amoung some of the most productive muscle building moves you can do because they force both your left and right sides to handle an equal workload. They also require you to balance and support 2 weights so they activate more of the smaller stabilizer muscles.

  4. My Shoulder workout had got stale recently and needed somethign new to help make new gains, all i can say about this workout is WOW! My shoulders were bursting after doing this, will definatly be using this workout again to mix things up. Great post.

  5. awwsome workout,good exercises but...can i do these after few sets of shoulder press maybe like three sets then do like two or three circuits of that.or is that too much??im just curious.

  6. Hi Lee, this shoulder workout is super excellent. I am going away soon to Agnes Water, a small rural coastal community in nth QLD, Australia and the gym has very little equiptment, but with workouts like this, anything is possible. It is a ripper. Thanks for sharing your work always. Its a great help. You and Patricia, simply the best. Cheers from Oz, Shelly Ann.

  7. Thanks Shelly for the feedback, glad to hear that you enjoyed the workout.

  8. With these kind of workouts you can vary them, we're just providing some new ideas. But the routines are not set in stone, you can add in or take away movements if you like.

  9. Great post....Plenty of good info. Job well done.