Friday, August 14, 2009

Want a 300% gain in STRENGTH? Do this...

Would you like to increase your strength gains by as much as 300%? (heck yeah!)

Well, you should know by now that if your goal is
to build muscle and blast away stubborn bodyfat
it's absolutely critical to maximize your natural
production of GROWTH HORMONE (GH) in your body.

Released from your pituitary gland, growth
hormone production peaks around puberty...

...but then slowly FADES AWAY as we age.

This is one of the reasons we get all "saggy"
as we get older. (Sucks, eh?)

You've probably seen some of the "Hollywood
Insider" stories about all the rich movie
stars hitting their doctor up for injectable
GH to "stay young".


But they're about to learn a SAD, SAD FACT...


While artificial GH supplementation DOES increase
lean muscle, melt away the fat, and make you look
and feel "younger"...

Joint and muscle pain can eventually occur from
artificial stimulation and once you stop taking
it, all benefits go bye-bye.

However, if done correctly, research has shown
that NATURALLY stimulating growth hormone can
pay off with big dividends in a short period
of time.

In fact, one university study from Denmark
found that a 9-week program designed to
naturally stimulate GH release resulted


...strength gains 300% over normal!


Adding to that, men following the program
increased arm strength by a whopping 37%
compared with only 9% by the "control group"
who only followed a "non-GH-stimulation" program.

And remember, these GH increases were activated
NOT by injected hormone...

...but by completely NATURAL means!

Now you can see why everyone is flocking
to my friend, Jeff Anderson's program
"Optimum Anabolics" at:

Jeff has uncovered a series of studies
(dating back to 1975!) that reveal how
to SAFELY increase anabolic hormone
activity within your body using his

..."natural hormone triggering"!


Here's just ONE of the methods from his book...


Jeff uncovered a research project from
Loughborough University that put a group
of athletes through a short series of
30-second sprints after their workouts.

What they discovered was that growth hormone
LEVELS approximately 30 minutes after


Can you imagine the changes you'd see in
just a short time from this kind of FLOOD
of powerful GH?

So at the end of your workout, do three
to six 30-second sprints on your gym's
track or on the road to finish off
the day and set yourself up for peak
GH output.

Jeff's incorporated this into the
Optimum Anabolics program as a compliment
to his unique WEIGHT TRAINING system at:

You see, Optimum Anabolics uses a unique 7
cycle weight training program in which you
manipulate what he calls...


...the "8 Anabolic Factors"!


Through his targeted approach, you'll literally
PROGRAM your body (like a computer!) to NATURALLY
jack up your body's muscle-building hormones.


You'll BLAST away ugly FAT...

You'll have "ANIMAL INTENSITY" in the gym...

You'll be a "walking anabolic hormone factory"!

Go get all the details at the Optimum Anabolics
website at...

Go there now because today is the LAST DAY
of his big release, ok?

Once you see the "before & after" photos of
guys just like YOU who have benefited from
this revolutionary discovery, you're going to
want to start training TOMORROW with these

I promise! ;-)


If you are looking for a way to kick your
muscle gains to the next level then I'd
highly recommend that you give
"Optimum Anaboics" a shot.

This killer natural muscle building system
has been helping average guys (and gals) pack
on pounds of lean ripped muscular bodyweight
since 2002, this is not some fly by night

And now with the newest updated 2009 edition
you can't go wrong. Just click on the link
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