Friday, August 28, 2009

I owe you an appology...

I owe you an apology...
God only knows how many weeks I've had listed on my website that our Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Shows start at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. And you know what, I've been frigging up the time zones. I've actually been starting the show at 9:00 pm eastern time...
(Blame it on the stupid half hour time zone here in Newfoundland)...

I always wondered why everyone was showing up so early, now I know, you weren't early I was late LOL

Even through we've been having good audience turn outs, I can only wonder how many people signed in at 8:30 pm EST then got pissed off waiting for me to show up and left. So if this has happened to you I sincerely apologize, it was a stupid error on my part that I should have picked up on long before now.

Now with that being said, I think I'll keep the show going as we have been at 9:00 pm EST. I think most people prefer the later time (at least in North America anyway). But I'm open to your suggestions.

Please leave me a comment to this blog post and let me know what times you would prefer to have the show.

You can watch the replay of our August 27 show at:


  1. 9:00 EST would be best for me...What matters is what's best for you.....

  2. hi lee lad as i live in england half hour does nowt for me as i am in bed but always check in next day for your email.keep well

  3. 9PM EST would be great

  4. yeah, I was one of the guys that was waiting...left beofre it started...could have been doing something producktive...thanks!

  5. Thanks for clearing that up Lee. I was showing up early and wondering what was going on. 9:00pm EST works better for me because I work and then put my son to bed.

  6. Hi Lee,
    Apology accepted. 8:30PM is fine here in Texas (7:30PM Cenral Time) I enjoyed your discussion on calf exercies. Sincre I live in a two story house using the bottom step to do wide range of motion step ups is perfect. Thanks for the suggestion. There is no oblique machine at Bally's so I use a hula hoop to trim the waist. I am now at a 22 inch waist. Not bad for a 55 y/o. Been weight lifting over 38 yrs. U are correct do something everyday.. watch your diet .. increase variability and keep the muscles guessing. Calves should improve with your sugestion.
    Some on the conversations while u are talking can get pretty crude.. may want to ask folks to tone it down
    Thanks Irmav8

  7. Can't speak for everyone els but 9:00 works for me.

  8. Lee

    I am currently serving out a tour of duty in iraq. I'm on a 7 hour difference. I am usually conducting physical training at that hour. I appreciate the apology, but I won't be able to watch until I get back to the states. I want to say thanks for everything.

    SGT Garcia, J.

  9. It's ok Mr.Lee I understand your situations, you can on air anytime I will be waiting for your show and meanwhile you are my coach so that is no reason for you to ask apologize.

    Your student,

  10. No problem Lee,,just wish my question was answered but I understand,,,I'll be watching next Thur. night at 9:00 PM


  11. I'm always busy on Thursdays, switchin' the day up once in a while would be nice.

  12. Lee, 9pm is good.Thanks for all your help.some times you need some one to give a push to get back you
    trainning hard . You have done that for me !

  13. 9 p.m. is fine with me.

  14. Haha, I'm actally always working out at that time, so I have never seen it, but I follow your other videos every time a new one is posted. Thanks for all the fantastic advice!


  15. lee 9:00 is great, cant wait till next week .I would like to thank you for your help with your hints an tips ,I had two back surgerys in the last 14 months ,8 months of P/T an 2 months at the GYM an have checked out all of your videos they are great thanks

  16. hey lee,christian here :].
    everyone seems to like 9est and its seem great to me to so if its doable thatd be just seems perfect cuz 8 is when SmallVille is on on channel 11 :p lol n i hate missing it XD.anyway 9 is great for me.

  17. 9:00 p.m. sounds great to me

  18. Hi Lee

    Im in Sierra Leone, West Africa, not sure what the time will be here then. But thanks for all the tips.
    Cheers Tom

  19. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for letting me know.


  20. I'm always too busy on Thurs. night ... I just watch the rerun ...