Monday, August 3, 2009

How To Instantly Increase Your Bench Press

This is a guest post from my good friend Jeff Anderson, the author of the brand new "Hard Gainer Project X" program at:

In this article Jeff shares some killer tips that you can use right away to help increase your bench press your very next workout!

4 Mental Tricks To Increase Your Bench Press By 20%!

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

Been stuck at 185 on your bench press for what seems like DECADES and looking to FINALLY crack 200?

Well, no promises...

...but these 4 powerful little mental "tricks" COULD help you add an IMMEDIATE 20% more to your bench press and break a new personal record!

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #1: Focus on your BODY...not the BAR!

When you're benching, try to actually push your BODY away from the bar...NOT the bar away from your body.

This trick works for the same reason when doing pullups, you focus on pulling your elbows down.

Your brain sees the bar as an inanimate object OUTSIDE of your control and it understands that the bar may "win".

But your brain sees your BODY as an "ally" and "WITHIN your control"...

...and is much more CONFIDENT in your strength when focusing on moving your BODY.

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #2: "Pull" The Bar Apart!

As you're lifting the bar, try "pulling" it apart as if your hands were moving away from each other.

Your hands don't actually just want to grip hard and imagine "stretching" the bar longer.

This calls into play more "stabilizer muscles" to give you extra power in your upward movement.

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #3: Visualize The Bar Going UP!

Do you know this "spotter" trick?

Whenever you're spotting someone on the bench press and they've hit a sticking point, most of the time all you have to do is place 2 FINGERS under the bar and it MAGICALLY seems to raise again. DON'T have the world's strongest fingers!

It's simply a total mental "mind f'er" where the lifter "thinks" he's getting help with the rep...but is actually doing it all on his own.

You can do this by yourself (or with a partner) just by VISUALIZING the bar constantly moving upwards.

When you reach that sticking point, play a mental movie in your mind and vividly SEE the bar raising.

Your body will "believe" what you see and respond by making your "movie" a REALITY!

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #4: Look To Your Dominant Hand!

Another "sticking point" destroyer...

Once you reach the point where the bar stops its ascent and you think you've been defeated, look (WITHOUT turning your head) toward your dominant hand (the one you write with).

This is yet another mental "trigger" for your brain to associate strength and power with what it perceives as your strongest assetts in your "bench press battle".

Well, there you go!

Bring your brain to your next chest workout and load up a few extra plates because you're guaranteed t leave your wimpy old record in the dust once you try these easy tips!


About The Author:

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  1. Mr Hayward,
    I have incorporated some of your training tips into my workout. They have helped me increase my lift pounds , & my over all approach to training
    I am 71 years young, I play racquetball 6 to 8 hrs a week. 3 hrs to weight training. I also umpire men softball "ASA" 3/1hr games
    Thank you for your good advice
    J. Manitta

  2. I'm going to try this today. It makes total sense! Mind over matter...

  3. Good tipss, gotta try them next time I hit the gym.