Friday, August 21, 2009

Bodybuilding Video Talk Show Replay Posted...

Here is a pic of yours truly, being a goof, and hitting a pose before the show. You can go check out the replay online at:

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  1. Hey Lee, I didn't know you were having a guess on your show last night. Mr. Biceps looks AWESOME! He didn't say much, But I guess action speaks louder then words :-) LOL. Great intro with Mr. Biceps coming on first. Just kidding around Lee. HA! HA! Lee... Last night you mentioned a couple of things that really caught my attention. #1 Quote: When on a weight lose program don't drink shakes after you exercise. Wait a while so you can keep burning calories then have a solid meal instead. A solid meal will also help you burn more calories cause it takes longer to digest. When you said that my brain lit up like a light bulb! The only person I have ever heard say anything closer to that statement was Jeff Anderson when he said that for more fat burning after workout your post workout meal should be low carbs so that you continue burning fat for fuel. That was a great statement Lee. #2 Quote: If your having trouble sleeping eat carbs. That again lit my brain up. I was always wondering why sometimes after a meal I would nod off watching a movie. Classic show Lee. GREAT info. Thanks again.