Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Building muscle without protein...

I know what I said in the subject line sounds completely INSANE
(but I can PROVE it is true)!

What if all those articles you've read about
"how much protein you need" to build muscle
were 95% FALSE?

What if I told you that your body can actually
GREATLY increase its muscle-building and
fat-burning (yes...at the SAME TIME!)
even in the ABSENCE of protein?

Would you believe me?

Well, it turns out that there's a "long lost"
24 year old research study that actually showed
that for *short cycles*, limiting the amount
of protein you consume can actually SKYROCKET
your body's natural "anabolic hormone"

(We're talking about your "natural juices"
like TEST0STER0NE and GR0WTH H0RM0NE that
are powerful muscle-activators and fat-melters.)

How much of an increase?

How does 1,000% over average levels sound?

(No...that's NOT a typo!

And get this... there were no side effects
and it was accomplished WITHOUT steroids,
or even supplements!

In fact, the secret lies in a hidden natural
"trigger" that's lying in your body RIGHT NOW,
just WAITING for you to "pull it" and safely
unleash a flood anabolic h0rm0nes that you
can literally FEEL coursing through your veins!

Got your attention now?


Here's how it works...

The process is called:
"Natural Hormone Triggering".

At precise stages of your weight training
program, you initiate a cycle of PROTEIN
DEPRIVATION where you consume only a minimal
amount of protein.

Now of course you would think that by not
taking in any protein, your body wouldn't
have the ability to actually grow any
muscle, right?


You see, through simultaneous manipulation
of 8 specific "Anabolic Factors", your muscles,
not finding the protein "building blocks" it
needs to build new tissue, will send a call
to your pituitary gland.

As a result, testosterone, IGF-1, and growth
hormone production will skyrocket...
Shooting your muscle gains through the roof!

...while simultaneously blowtorching away bodyfat!

(I warned you this was going to
be controversial... didn't I?!)

But there's a problem here...

Unfortunately, you can't just "stop taking
protein" and expect your hormones to jump
throught the roof!

Instead, you must use a very specific cycle
inserted at a very specific point in your
program and only in a very specific combination
with the "8 Anabolic Factors"!

=> If your cycle is too long... it won't work!

=> If your cycle is too short... it won't work!

=> Too little protein... it won't work!

=> Too much protein... it won't work!

=> If you ignore ANY of the other 8 Anabolic
Factors... IT JUST WON'T WORK!

Want to learn how YOU can take advantage of
this intense training method?

Well my friend, Jeff Anderson, has actually
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that walks you through the entire process

His "Optimum Anabolics" program has been a
best seller since 2002 when it was first
released and it's even been used by some
PRO BODYBUILDERS as a "steroid-alternative"!

(Yes...it's THAT powerful!)

Optimum Anabolics has now been revised in
this special "2nd Edition" and includes the
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