Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Super Strong Kid - you gotta check this out!

I seen this video today and was just blown away.
This 4 year old kid can do some amazing bodyweight
exercises and strength moves that most of us
could only dream of being able to do.

Not only is he super strong, but at the end of
the video it shows him hitting a few poses and
he even has ripped rock hard six pack abs!

You gotta check this out...


  1. Thats insane lol this kids gonna be like super human makes me wish my dad gotten me working that young think of what this kid will be able to do when hes 10 not to mention 20.

  2. Wow. As amazing as it all is, I wonder if this level of exercise at this age will hurt his physical development as he grows...

  3. WOW I am astonished at the feats that this young kid can do, man i wish i could have been that strong lolz!

  4. Lee, why did you have to make us feel bad? =)
    This is insane, but kids are more plastic, flexible and have less weight to carry. This video also reminded me of an indian bodybuilder kid, who's ripped beyond belief.

  5. A stunt in growth is whats gonna happen to this kid. He's to young for that kind of stuff. I'm sure he didn't start on his own. God Bless him. WAIT A FREAKIN MINUTE HERE!... HOLLY CRAP! ITS VIDEOS OF LEE HAYWARD WHEN HE WAS BABY BILLY BICEPS. WOW! NO WONDER YOUR ONLY 5.7 :-) LOL!

  6. Hey Lee, I thought you said you started when you were 12 years old.

  7. This must be some circus artist prodigy. Amazing!!! though.

  8. Wow amazing kid. He is strong. But I'm sure he is not going to be really tall when he gets older.

    It's not healthy for young children to workout.

    But great blog you have.

    Steinar Arason

  9. poor kid.
    Remember the last kid like this?
    Little hercules they call him.
    He too was amazing, but it ruined his life. Hope this kid has a chance at a normal life

  10. "Strong" indeed....truly defines "strong"...........
    .......such a corrupting influence on his toddler siblings :-) :-)...kidding....
    however..his folks seem to have hit on a lot of fame to milk on....just a 4 year old.....wish he doesnt end up as another MJ...

  11. I really don't know how this would affect a kid that age. I honestly can't see how this is "bad".

    After all a lot of parents put their kids in activities at an early age (karate, gymnastics, sports, etc.) and it is very beneficial for the most part keeping them active, fit, and healthy.

    Why is it when a kid excels (such as this guy) everyone assumes the worst and that it has to be bad for him?

  12. Hi Lee, it's Paul (you send me emails to my Gmail account and we're YouTube friends as well). This kid is amazing. I'm working when your Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Shows are on, so don't worry about it. My concern is not the kid exercising, but the effects of weighttraining might have at such a young age to his physical development later on. If he was using his own body weight, or resistance tubing, I wouldn't worry, but I'm not sure if weight training at such a young age is a good idea or not.

  13. going to stunt his growth