Monday, August 17, 2009

*Quick (Strange) Tip* To Raise TESTOSTERONE By 65%!

Ok, this study shocked me when I first saw it!

I mean, who would have thought that THIS one factor could
have such an AMAZING impact on your ability to naturally

In fact, SOME of you may actually be SEVERELY limiting your
ability to build muscle and burn off ugly fat if you're
"challenged" in this area.


Let me explain...


Scientific research has found a DRAMATIC link between your
body's natural testosterone production and, get this...


And we're NOT talking "small numbers" here!

Researchers found that through direct exposure to sunlight
for a specific period of time, your body increases
production of "T-Precursers" by as much as 65%!

Remember, you DON'T want to DIRECTLY increase "T" through
artificial means (like steroids).

That could be VERY dangerous!


Here's how to do it SAFELY...


The absolute BEST way to jack up your hormones is to do it
NATURALLY, by increasing both the DEMAND within your body
and the "support" and raw nutrients you give it.

On the "demand" need to TRAIN!

That's what Jeff Anderson's, Optimum Anabolics, program was
designed for because it SPECIFICALLY focuses on a unique
"natural triggering" process to increase your body's own
hormone production.

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As for the "support" side...


By increasing "precursers", you provide your endocrine system
with the raw materials it needs to NATURALLY increase

...WITHOUT the harmful side effects!

So how much sunlight do you need?

Scientists discovered that 50-60 minutes exposure of EARLY
MORNING sunlight worked best at increasing these powerful

Unfortunately, MOST guys DON'T actually get this much


You could be SABOTAGING "T" production if...


=> If you work in an INDOOR OFFICE, your exposure is only
20% of what you need!

=> If you live in an area that's often OVERCAST, you may
only be getting 10% of what you need!

This may also explain the higher incidence of DEPRESSION
in areas of the world that don't get a lot of sunlight.

The solution?


It's simple...but it helps (a LOT!)


Do things like:


=> Walk or bike to work if you live close enough and weather permits

=> Eat your breakfast and lunch outside

=> Go for an early morning jog

=> Do bodyweight exercises at a local park

=> Ask your boss for that corner office! (Tell them it's for your
testosterone levels...he/she will understand! ;-)


If you've read this far, then it's OBVIOUS that you're
interested in raising your body's own natural hormone
production, right?

You can tell by the shameless plug in this article that I
HIGHLY recommend Jeff Anderson's "Optimum Anabolics" program.

The reason WHY is because unlike other programs, OA was designed
for the SOLE PURPOSE of building muscle and burning fat by safely
and naturally jacking up your body's production of "T" and gr0wth
hormone (GH).

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