Thursday, July 3, 2008

New off-season workout routine…

I’m starting to get settled into a set training routine and a semi normal daily work regime. I’m going to take some time off from competing for a while and focus my attention on improving my website and releasing some new training DVD’s.

June was a crazy month for me from having to deal with a death in the family, competing in the Newfoundland provincial bodybuilding championships, and now most recently my trip to LA… so my workouts have been all over the place.

My current workout cycle goes like this…

- Chest and Shoulders
- Back
- Legs and Abs
- Biceps and Triceps

My arms are a stubborn bodypart for me. So I’m prioritizing arms by having a day for just arm work to help bring them up in proportion to the rest of my body. Ideal body proportions would be to have your neck, arms, and calfs all the same measurement. In my case my neck and calfs are 18+ inches, but my arms are in the 17 inch range
(depending on my bodyweight)

I’ll cycle through each of the workouts, but the days of the week will vary. I’ll train either one day on, one day off… or two days on, one day off. It all depends on how I’m feeling and how busy my work schedule is.

My cardio workouts are very flexible, I don’t really have any set plan.
Today was a nice sunny day so I went mountain biking in the trails close by my home. Then in the evening I walked over to the store instead of driving, took me about 20 minutes total. I’ll be doing a lot more walking and biking now that summer is here. I’ll also have to mow the grass about once a week as well, this normally takes me just over an hour to complete… it all counts as cardio.

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