Thursday, July 17, 2008

Muscle Building Nutrition - Part 1...

A few weeks ago I sent out an e-mail to my bodybuilding tips newsletter and asked the readers what aspects of building muscle, losing fat, and getting in shape that they wanted to learn about the most.

Well hands down the most popular topic was nutrition. There seems to be so much confusion and mis-information out there when it comes nutrition that people just don’t know what they should be eating.

So over the past few days I’ve put together a presentation covering the basics of a good eating plan that will support you in your achieving muscle building and fat loss goals.

I have to admit I’m not the most technically savvy when it comes to all this multimedia stuff. So the presentation transitions, etc. may not be perfect, but the information that is covered is solid stuff and that’s all that really matters.

Please watch over the first part of the Muscle Building Nutrition presentation and leave me a comment about it. This is my first time putting together this type of presentation so any feedback is welcomed (good or bad).

Make sure to turn up your speakers so you can hear the audio.

Muscle Building Nutrition Presentation - Part 1 A

Muscle Building Nutrition Presentation - Part 1 B


  1. Hi Lee, let me just first say that this blog is an excellent idea. its an easy way for your readers and followers too really see how you put what you say into practice, while also giving out extra information on a variety of aspects of bodybuilding.

    Great nutrion videos and the information helps alot. Maybe you can include pictures of what you actually eat at each meal/over the course of the day to further help some again see what you say, put into practice.

    This being a blog about you for your fans, i think it should contain more personal information about you. Not too personal! but just things like videos of YOUR actual workout, what YOU actually eat can help get the information across even further.

    Keep up the great job, look forward to your next post.

  2. i think it is a well made presentation for the beginners who are coming in the iron game, so they can have a fair idea what should they eat because i have seen many people arguing with out knowing facts, however for intermediate trainers like me it can still open a fact that how can i even use simple carbs to my advantage some thing which was not known to me, i would love to put that in use ASAP

  3. I think this is awesome. Plus, you're going to go into detail in Part 2. You rock Lee. I am also in high agreeance with your choice of movies.