Thursday, October 8, 2009

What the PRO'S know that YOU don't!

I've got an awesome tip for you that could help take your
physique and muscular development to the next level...

The fact that you are here reading my blog means
that you are one of the select few who are serious
about your workouts and you want to get the best
results from your muscle-building efforts.

So here's a killer trick that all pro athletes use
to get in peak shape and improve year after year...

You see, competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, and other
top level athletes train all year long for their "event season".

That might be a bodybuilding contest, a powerlifting meet,
a tournament, Olympic tryouts, or whatever depending on the
type of competitive sport.

All the athlete's training is geared to peaking for
that one time when they have to be at their very BEST!

So how does this apply to you?

Well, what's YOUR "big event" for the year?

- Is it to get ripped for that beach vacation next summer?

- Is it some sporting event that you want to dominate?

- Is it a class reunion that's coming up and you want to make
an ex-girlfriend jealous because you are in such awesome shape?

Whatever it is, the key to getting MAXIMUM RESULTS
from your training program is to...

CYCLE Your Training!

There are plenty of ways to go about this, but if your goal is
to hit the beach or pool next summer and turn some heads when
you take off your shirt and reveal your ripped six-pack abs...

Then here's a sample ANNUAL TRAINING CYCLE that will help
achieve that goal and get you in your best shape ever...

It will also help you to know where you need to focus
your workout efforts RIGHT NOW!


How To Cycle Your Training For Max Results!



Jan - Mar:


Getting lean enough that you can show off a ripped 6-pack for
summer should start EARLY. This way you can build lean muscle
while trimming off some of that xmas holiday blubber.

In January, you're best off with a "build & burn" training
regimen that STILL focuses on "muscle-building", but is also
geared toward naturally boosting hormones that do double duty
by building muscle while burning fat at the same time.


Apr - Aug:


To get (and STAY!) "super lean" through the summer, ease into
"fat burning" mode EARLY to avoid muscle loss that often occurs
when trying to get to low body fat levels too fast..

You can still build muscle... but it's NOT your primary focus
if you want to get to very low body fat levels.

Don't ditch the heavy weight training, but at the same time
realize that your strength levels may drop off a bit as you
get leaner. Now is the time to include more low-intensity
cardio workouts to help preserve muscle while burning fat.


Sep - Dec:


Don't freak out about your waistline!

The end of year is the best time to focus on building up more
muscle mass for "next year" so you can continuously improve
your body composition and have more lean muscle to show when
you strip off the fat again for next summer!

Also, this is the VERY BEST time to include a
"muscle specialization" program to add more mass
to the one or two areas you most need the work.


What You Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW...


Obviously, since it's now October, you're at the PERFECT POINT
to add more muscle mass to your body before gearing up next year
for the big summer time "lean out".

And since this is the BEST time to zero in on one single muscle,
NOW is the time to assess WHICH area of your body needs the most
work, right?

Go ahead and take a good long look in the mirror and see where
you may be "out of balance" with how your body looks.

==> Is your CHEST to flat?

==> ARMS too skinny?

==> SHOULDERS look scrawny?

Whatever it is, you'll want to FOCUS on this area to
divert your body's mass-building efforts to that region.

Now you CAN'T just take off and blast that muscle group
with a gut-wrenching program that forces you into a state
of "overtraining".

This can actually STOP your progress and you can even

You have to address ALL of the "anabolic factors" necessary
in order to support your body's NATURAL growth efforts to the
muscle group of your choice.

That's why I highly recommend Jeff Anderson's new
"Muscle Specialization Secrets" program at:

Its entire aim is to help you bring up ANY muscle group
to add more SIZE and bring it up to "showcase" level!

The whole program includes:

...Hard-Copy Printed Training Manual

...Full Length Training DVD

...Bonus VIDEOS For Each Muscle Group


...Exercise Guide

..."Tracking Software"

It's really a "Muscle Building Mega Package" that can help
you bring up lagging body parts FAST!

I highly recommend you go and check it out NOW because he
only had 500 of these boxes created and he's NOT going to
be producing any more.

When they're gone... they're gone for good!

Here's the website to go and learn more...

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