Friday, October 9, 2009

Got Skinny Arms? This is how you can fix it...

Do you suffer from a nasty case of SNAS?
("Spaghetti Noodle Arm Syndrome")

Let me tell you, with my own physique the arms
have always been my most stubborn bodypart.
No matter what I did they just would not grow for me.

Unfortunately, for people who struggle with adding
muscle to their arms the typical run of the mill
workout routines just won't cut it.

You need to think outside the box...

So what I have for you here today is a unique
3-STEP APPROACH that I "borrowed" from my buddy,
Jeff Anderson, that can pack some meat on your
guns and help cure the dreaded "Spaghetti Noodle Arm Syndrome"!

These 3 tips are taken directly from Jeff's latest program
"Muscle Specialization Secrets".

In fact Jeff only produced 500 of these mega-packages
(including training manual, workout DVD, audio CD's and more!)
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Anyway, these killer arm training tricks that I have for you
is a GREAT example of why Muscle Specialization Training
is so very DIFFERENT from anything else you've seen.

You see, a LOT of people are self-conscious about the size
of their arms.

But Jeff's shares a training concept called "micro-targeting"
that helps spur on new muscle growth in "stubborn" bodyparts
by zeroing in on those muscles with a unique training approach.

For example...

The secret to overcoming "Spaghetti Noodle Arm Syndrome"
is to create an illusion of more SIZE and WIDTH by working
on 3 specific areas of your arms that will all work toward
this one goal.

Here are 3 EXERCISE SECRETS that are guaranteed to bring


Arm Training Secret #1: Lateral Triceps


The outer heads of your triceps are the ones that are
most visible both from the FRONT and the SIDE.

By training them specifically, your arms will look DRAMATICALLY
wider from the front and give you that "horseshoe" look from
the side and back.

The best exercise I've found for this is the REVERSE-GRIP CABLE
PRESSDOWNS where your palms are facing UP.

Only bring your arms up until your forearms are parallel to
the floor and at the bottom of the movement, lock out your
elbows and SQUEEZE your outer triceps hard for 1-2 seconds.

High volume sets of 8-12 reps will help you get the "pump"
you're looking for to increase mass.


Arm Training Secret #2: Inner Biceps


The key to using your biceps for this "trick" is to focus
more on the INNER head of the biceps and go for "width".

You do this by using a WIDER GRIP CURLING MOVEMENT
that zeros in on the inside area of your bi's.

Here's the best way to do it...

Go to a preacher bench and load up a barbell with enough
weight to do 8-12 reps.

Now, go to the OPPOSITE side of the bench as most people
go so that your UPPER BODY is resting on the pad instead
of your ARMS.

This means that your arms will be hanging vertically over
the other side where your body would normally be.

This gives you a much better "stretch" in the biceps at
the bottom position.

Next... take a WIDER than shoulder width grip on the bar!

A wider grip is going to hit the INNER area of your biceps
much better... and help with that wider LOOK to your arms
we're going for.


Arm Training Secret #3: Pumped Up Forearms


This is a simple... & POWERFUL tactic to hit your forearms HARD!

Grab a few small hand towels (most gyms have these available
for you to wipe the sweat off of the machines).

Fold them lengthwise and wrap them around the bars you're
using for exercises #1 & #2 above so that it add about
another 2-3 inches to the width of your grip area.

Essentially, you're making a "fat bar" to grip on to and
this GREATLY activates your forearms in these movements!

Using this for exercise #1 above will work more of the "top"
or "outside" of your forearms while on exercise #2, it will
work more of the "underside" of your forearms.

(Note: After 2-3 sets with the "towel method", remove them to
do one more set of each exercise WITHOUT the towel so you can
get in one last targeted set to focus on your tri's and bi's)

Give these 3 arm training secrets a try and watch your arms
balloon up in no time!


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