Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick and Simple Dumbbell Chest Workout

I often get asked by my website visitors to post up
some simple, yet effective dumbbell workout programs
that you can do with limited workout equipment, and
this workout that I posted today is just that.

You can do it in a small home gym. All you need is a set
of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench to get a
killer chest workout done in about 30 minutes flat.

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  1. I have heard that push ups, although great exercise, will wreck your wrist joint, due to the weight and angle or your wrist. If you were to use small diameter dumbbells and have your wrists in a straight line, less damage will be done to your wrists. Just a thought.

  2. Lee, I notice your techiques for both the flat dumbell presses and incline DB flies are pretty similar to mine...except for the flat presses my wrists are parallel to each other, and I use a different "lay-down" technique..using my upper body to carry the weight down with me,
    not slapping or pushing the weights with my knees to force them over as I lay down. Good workout though...although I haven't done any for weeks due to some shoulder pain and mobility issues. Keep it up and thanx for the tips!

  3. Lee, I have some dumbells which I use a lot, but I have a bowflex that I really get down and dirty with. I use all your tips but can you do some cable exercises for the less
    fortunate of us and give some killer workouts

  4. Hey Lee, love the 'rawness'
    Anyway, I agree that the 45 degree deal is a more natural and somewhat safer option but general anatomy would suggest that this technique engages more of the anterior deltoid. You can see Trish's front delts working hard in the footage. Keep it real ;)