Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chest Building Super Set Pump Up Combo

If you have a stubborn chest that just refuses to grow, then try out this killer muscle pumping super set combo of pec dec flys and push ups at the end of your chest workouts to really pump up your pecs and help spur on some new muscle growth.

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  1. Lee these posts are all fine and dandy, but PLEASE GIVE US AN UPDATE ON THE FORUM BEING DOWN!!!

  2. You look like you've been doing some extra work at the gym Lee! You look a bit pumped up and chiseled! Leaner then usual. You look great Lee. Great super set combo. NICE JOB BRO!
    Robert Valdes

  3. Lee just want to say thanks for the killer workouts, I've got nothing but great results and this super set combo Im excited to give that one a chance.Everything so far is been nothing but great advice thanks again bra! james thorn

  4. R.I.P TFBB Forum.

  5. I've been going back and forth with my webhosting company for a couple weeks now about this.

    Basically what happened with the forum is that they got rid of the old Cybermessageboard platform that I was using because it had lots of bugs in it.

    I still have the backup of the database, but I don't have a platform to use it with. So hopefully we can get old database to work with the new forum platform. But so far no luck :-(

  6. Thnaks for the update Lee, much appreciated :)

  7. Absolutely incredible superset. What I do (not o take the credit from Lee) is I push up off the dumbells for wider range of motion. No matter how heavy or intense I bench press, my chest never feels as good as after those push-ups. Same way bench press will never give as wide range of motion as the dumbell press, either flat or inclined.
    Full range of motion for full development, partial range - for partial development