Saturday, September 19, 2009

Total Fitness Bodybuilding Talk Show Replay Posted

Last Thursday night we had our live Total Fitness Bodybuilding
Video Talk Show and the replay is posted up for you
to check out at:

I did have some problems with the camera mic and ended up
having to use a separate headset to capture the audio. So
there is a slight delay between the video and audio. It
looks like a cheesy Chinese movie that's been voiced over :-)

So if you want to go laugh at my out of sync chops moving go to:

I won't be doing a live show this coming Thursday September 24th because I'll be down in Las Vegas checking out the Mr. Olympia (I can't wait, I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas LOL).

I'll be taking my flip video camera with me and shooting some clips from the Olympia Expo and posting them up here on my blog. So that's something you can look forward to checking out next weekend.

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