Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy Sh!t Batman... Branch Got 2nd...

I'm so happy for Branch Warren for getting 2nd. The guy looked incredible. But with the politics, etc. of bodybuilding I didn't think he'd place so high. I've never seen a former Mr. O slip to 3rd when defending the title. And for Branch to beat all the so called "aesthetically pleasing" physiques (i.e. Dex, Phil, etc.) that's awesome for him man. Heck I slugged back a yagger bomb and dedicated it to Branch last night LOL.

Anyway, myself and Trish are off to Golds Gym in Vegas right now to train with the pros. All the big names are going to workout this morning so it should be cool and hopefully I'll get some kick ass video clips to share as well.

The Top 6 Placings Are:
6 - Victor Martinez
5 - Phil Heath
4 - Kai Greene
3 - Dexter Jackson
2 - Branch Warren
1 - Jay Cutler


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  2. hi, lee yeah i think that Dexter will be the winner coz hes ma number one bodybuilder i admire all of his shape and hes gonna win this competetion ,,,,,,,,
    peter michael
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  3. Jay Cutler is so frickin huge he no longer looks human. I don't think he looks good at all. He is an example of taking bodybuilding to the very extreme--good bye testicles. It seems as though anything goes in pro bodybuilding.