Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High Protein Breakfast Smoothie Drink

This is a quick and easy high protein breakfast smoothie drink that you can make in just a few minutes that will help get your day started off right.

All you need is:
1 cup of liquid egg whites
1 banana
1/3 cup of oatmeal
2 scoops of whey protein powder

Blend it up in the blender and drink up!


  1. Not bad, but I prefer the one with yogurt you suggested in a previous video, that one is very addictive. Btw, what about a protein bar, do you have recipes for bars, the issue is that sometimes I am craving so I resort to some shake but I would like to expand my choices to some delicious protein bar. Thank you Lee, your recipes are always very good.

  2. I think it's very good item for breakfast. This is also my favourite breakfast. It's easy to make and also good for health.