Thursday, May 28, 2009

Killer Shoulder Workout Power Dumbbell Lateral Raises

This is a killer shoulder exercise that my buddy Vince DelMonte showed me while we were working out at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. It’s Power Dumbbell Lateral Raises. It is basically a variation of the standard shoulder lateral raise but it lets you handle about twice as much weight and really overload your shoulders for an awesome muscle pump.

Give it a try in your next shoulder workout and then leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it.

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  1. This is awesome and it really works your shoulders!! Thanks for the tip I love it!!

  2. This is great motion, but with a big BUT!!!
    Doing this motion the shoulder is more likely to get injured!
    Every body knows that shoulders are a small muscles which are very much favorable to get injuries.

  3. Is it mainly a negative exercise? Try to control it on the way down?

  4. I agree you could do it a bit slower then I did in the video. This was first time doing the exercise myself so I'm still trying to get the hang of it as well.

  5. I really don't think it has much injury risk if your shoulders are healthy. If the weight is too heavy you just won't be able to get the db up that high and then just drop back down in weight.

  6. WOW! I just got done working out at home & added this exercise to my shoulder routine. Maaannnnn!!!!! WHAT A RUSH!!! I'll be waking up just a wee bit sore tomorrow morning, But I ain't skipping my early morning cardio just because of an extra bad ass exercise I added to my routine! Thanks Vince.... You get all the credit for this one. You & Lee LOOKING IN GREAT SHAPE MAN! Lee Hayward & Vince DelMonte are an inspiration to all who wish to be fit & healthy. God Bless... I'M OUT LATER!
    Robert Valdes

  7. Morning Lee,

    I have been enjoying your informative e-mails on health and fitness, Your friends Vince Delmonte and Joel Marion are great as well. Viewing you and Vinc on the same video is a +Plus, there is so much more input when you are able to see the exercise in motion.
    Lee continue success for you Vince and Joel and keep the e-mail coming.

  8. I included this in my shoulder routine yesterday. Will definitely be using it again, i will have to work on the form a little better though after watching this again, i kept a little too low whilst raising the arm.

  9. How much weight does one use?