Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dumbbell Pullovers A Forgotten Chest Exercise

The pullover is an exercise you seldom see done in the gym anymore. Yet back in the "Pumping Iron" days of bodybuilding it was a staple in almost everyone's routine.

In fact, way back in the old days before the invention of bench presses with upright racks for holding the bar, guys would do a barbell pullover, lifting the bar from the floor to their chest, and then do their bench presses. But gradually over the years this exercise got pushed to the wayside and is hardly ever done by the average gym goer.

The video clip below shows a couple different pullover variations and how you can use this exercise to add thickness to your rib cage and chest.

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  1. Hey Lee,

    I used to include this exercise in my routine, i love the fee of it. i just dont know why did i stop using it, guess i "forgot" it too...

    anyways my dad tought me the pullovers with a dumbbell but i had no idea it was a kind of forgotten exercise and that it is so good.
    I guess the old man knows his stuff :)

  2. Hey Lee!
    This is great! You finally posted a pullover routine. I've been doing pullovers for the past 32 years in my on and off my weight training routines. The intercostal muscles are strengthened over time, pulling the ribcage outward slightly, thereby deepening the chest. This is a great chest and lat expander. Its a must for those who want that V shape. It also gives the illusion of having a smaller waist. Pullovers are a great finishing move for all chest routines. You'll begin to see results in the mirror in about 3 - 4 weeks. When you do pullovers as a full stretch by touching the ground behind you with a dumbbell you also get an upper abs stretch you wouldn't believe! You add the ( Hindu abs stretch ) and the ( abs cat stretch ) to this routine and you'll definitely add some definition to your abs. Obliques exercises without weights can also give you that ripples look on the sides of your waist. Obliques exercises also form a girdle type effect around the waist that kina holds everything together. Just pick an obliques exercise you like and add it to your abs routine. And remember NO! NO! NO! WEIGHTS! for your obliques. Lee... I know how you feel about obliques exercises, but they really do give you that extra look. As far as stretching is concern, Its a must for all who train with weights. I use the ( P90X ) extreme stretch routine, and believe me when I tell ya it gets out all the kinks, and tightness from your muscles. You'll be as lose as a goose. Great routine Lee! Pullovers are a must for me!
    Thanks. Your AWESOME!
    Robert valdes

  3. lee- why arent you suggesting doing the barbell pull over lying on the bench in the same way as the dumbell pullover? just curious

    john in new york
    (aka john in asia)