Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going to Vegas...

I'm heading to Vegas tomorrow morning and going to be spending a full week there with some fitness guru friends of mine; Vince Delmonte, Joel Marion, Luke Lowrey, Mike Geary, Craig Ballantyne, John Barban, Jeff Siegel… should be a blast and I'm really looking forward to it!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that my websites will still be up and running as normal with regards to orders being filled, etc. but if you have any specific questions or things that require my personal attention (i.e. coaching programs, diet plans, etc.) then I'll get back to you with regards to that next week when I'm back home.


  1. Hey Yo! Lee!
    Where are you going without me man! I thought we were homeboys. We do everything together remember... except making love to the ladies, and going to the bathroom! Now that's cold man! I know what is... I have bigger muscles then you, and you don't wanna look skinny next to me. LOL! Have a safe trip Lee, and watch your diet. You have a bodybuilding show to win this fall. I'M OUT! LATER!
    Robert Valdes

  2. Hey Lee,next time don't forget your students(free riders like me)
    Love the pics man!
    i'll be there next time that's a promise! lol.
    Have a blast man!
    You deserve it!
    Always looking forward to your vids!
    Fabio Sekoff