Monday, November 24, 2008

How To Make High Protein Pancakes

How to make high protein "bodybuilder" pancakes. This is a quick and easy healthy muscle building breakfast meal that you can make. They work out to about 40% protein, 50% carb, and 10% fat nutritional ratio.

All you need to make them is:

2 cups of liquid egg whites
2 cups of oatmeal
2 tablespoonfuls of ground flaxseeds
2-3 scoops of vanilla flavor protein powder

Blend the above ingredients up in the blender. Then cook the batter in the frying pan just like you would for regular pancakes. When they are cooked and some low fat butter spray and low sugar maple syrup for flavor.


  1. Okay I just made 1/2 batch.....hmmmmmmmm?? I'd rather just make regular pancakes with the protein powder/flax and scramble 3-4 egg whites on the side.

    These pancake were rubbery hard discs, not fluffy cakes. Maybe if you added some baking powder/soda to help with the fluff factor? Very chewy, and if anyone stuck around long enough to watch him flip the one made a loud noise while it bounced around in the frying pan. Pancakes should not make noise. Sorry but this is my honest opinion.

  2. You can add whole eggs and baking powder to make them a bit more "fluffy", but it also adds more fat and carbs as well.

    For a strict diet this is an alternative to the standard oatmeal and egg whites type of breakfast.

  3. I bet that you could help by beating the egg whites first until they were soft peaks. That'd help 'em get fluffy.

  4. lee your the man i don't know what others are complaining about. i love protein pancakes. this is my offseason and a couple times during the week i'll make them for my first meal of the day.