Monday, November 17, 2008

100 Day Physique Transformation Coaching Contest

You may recall that several weeks ago I posted up a contest for a Free 100 Day Physique Transformation Coaching program. If you are not familiar with this program you can see the short video clip I posted about it at:

Well, as you can imagine I received A LOT of entries for this contest, literally hundreds of them. Many were very detailed and several pages in length, so it took me a long time to go through them all. Quite honestly I couldn't pick just "one" winner...

So I ended up picking 6 people who I will work with in a special group coaching program via live video chats, conference calls, and a special members only website where I'll share some killer workouts and nutrition tips.

While the contest is closed and you can't "win your way in", you can still join the Total Fitness Bodybuilding members only inner circle coaching club and get the same personalized training and nutrition advice, vip access to all our live video and phone coaching sessions, plus get unlimited access to all the replays at:

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