Monday, November 10, 2008

A fun filled bodybuilding weekend...

We had our local bodybuilding competition this past weekend and it was a blast.

Branch Warren was our guest poser and I think he is one of the coolest guys in bodybuilding, very laid back and friendly. He put on an awesome guest posing show, then afterwards he went out and partied it up with us crazy ass Newfies!

Colin Baikie (my young padawan learner :-) who I mentioned in a previous post, did a great job for his first show and looked really good especially for a 19 year old.

In addition to the bodybuilding competition we had a “Bench Wars” competition where you bench pressed your bodyweight for reps (the women did half their bodyweight for reps). I managed to grind 25 reps to win the men’s division. And my better half Patricia blasted out 60 friggen reps with half her bodyweight to win the women’s division. We weren’t even planning on doing the bench comp, but when da boy’s says "come on… do it!!!" you just gotta do it or else you’re a pussy LOL

Afterwards I put on a seminar covering how to get ready for a bodybuilding competition. The seminar was recorded and will be made into a DVD that will be available at

This seminar DVD will be a great tool for anyone considering competing in the future because it covers all aspects of contest prep from 6 months out right up to the contest day with regards to training, dieting, posing, tanning, carb loading, sodium and water manipulation and all the nitty gritty details of contest prep. Heck, just look at Colin’s pics above, he followed all the tips, techniques, and strategies that I covered in the seminar and look at how ripped he got in just the matter of a few short months!

Also I wanted to mention that our scheduled live show for Monday night Nov. 10 will have be cancelled. The computer that I use for the live shows just crashed today and is in the shop getting fixed. Hopefully, we’ll be back up and running by this Thursday... I'll keep you posted.

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