Thursday, May 15, 2008

Workout journal for Wednesday May 14…

Well, I’m just 23 days out from my next competition and I’m track. According to my records I’m a little bit leaner this far out then I was for my last show back in November 2007.

I did a personal training session earlier in the day and then afterwards I did 45 minutes of cardio which I split up by doing 15 minutes on the rower, 15 minutes on the bike, and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Whenever I do my cardio in the gym I always like to split it up over different machines to make it more enjoyable and more comfortable as well. For example, after 15 minutes on the rower my lower back starts to feel tight and tired, if I’m on the bike too long my ass starts to go numb, and after a while on the elliptical I get that “pins and needles” feeling in my feet. So breaking it up over different machines is a lot more manageable.

After that I came home, ate and handled my online work, filling orders, answering e-mail, and all my usual stuff.

Later in the evening I did my weight training workout… Back and Biceps.

I’m not going to write out all the warm up sets, but just to let you know, I’ll do as many warm ups as I feel I need before moving to my top weights.

I started with Hammer Strength Pull Downs and worked up to 2 sets of 6 reps with 230 lbs.

Next was Hammer Strength Chest Supported Rows for 2 sets of 6 reps with 320 lbs.

V-Bar Lat Pull Downs 2 sets of 10 with 165 lbs.
(I have to be careful with this one as it pulls on my lat / tricep area that I tore earlier this year.)

1 Arm Rear Delt Flyes…
For this one I set the pulleys of the cable cross over machine at shoulder height. Grab the cable with one hand, while using my free hand to hold the machine and stabilize myself. Then I’ll extend my arm across my body in a reverse fly arc motion to work the rear delts and upper back.
I worked up to 2 sets of 6 reps with 40 lbs.

Then I moved on to Biceps and did:

Low Pulley Cable Curls for 2 sets of 6 reps with 150 lbs.

Life Fitness Seated Curl Machine for 2 sets of 6 reps with 130 lbs.

And finished off with Dumbbell Hammer Curls for 2 sets of 6 reps with 65 lb. dumbbells.

Afterwards, I took my 20 minute nap in the tanning bed and headed home.

I practiced my mandatory poses for while, then ate and got ready for bed.

My diet these days is pretty strict… I’m eating zero starchy carbs and getting my calories from protein and fat with trace amounts of carbs from green veggies, protein powder, flax seeds, almonds, etc. I've been eating this way for the past couple weeks and it seems to be working quite well.

This is a sample eating plan that I'm following...

Meal 1
8 egg whites and 5 whole eggs with a handful of spinach.
(make a spinach omelet)

Meal 2
Whey protein drink with a table spoonful of ground flaxseeds, spoonful of sugar free metamucil fiber, and a tablespoonful of peanut butter.

Meal 3
8 oz chicken 1/2 cup raw almonds

Meal 4
Whey protein drink with a table spoonful of ground flaxseeds, spoonful of sugar free metamucil fiber, and a tablespoonful of peanut butter.

Meal 5
8oz salmon or red meat and green salad with olive oil.

Meal 6
8 egg whites and 5 whole eggs with a handful of spinach.

It is not that bad actually. The low carbs keeps your blood sugar stable and the high fat content keeps you from feeling hungry. So it's not really difficult to follow. I don’t feel hungry on this diet. Even though I would like to eat more just for the fun of eating LOL


  1. This is great, its giving me the motivation to start training harder again. Now that I've graduated from college I want to get into my routine so that when I start working full time in July I can adjust it around work.

    Thanks and good luck during your training!


  2. What's your mood been like Lee? Is it harder to get motivated to train for this show after winning the overall in your last one?

  3. Lee, I read about your injury and I wanted tok tell you about mine and hopefully get some input. I was deadlifting and got just about to the top and felt a tear in my left glute area and heard a pop sound. Well needless to say I have had some real bad pain. Well after 4 trips to the er and 1 trip to my personal Dr. and 2 scripts for nsaids I guess steroids and pain killers was told to take 2 weeks off. I was luckey for 13 years and in 3 seconds was unluckey. I can do pull-ups,dips,presess (delt and leg) weighted hypers and reverse-hypers. I have not tried benches or light deads or squats. I figured I would wait a few more days but, the fresh blood after a workout sure makes me feel better. The docs told me that I probaly had muscle tear possibly from the bone and irritated the scaitic nerve probaly. Let me know what you think.
    thanks for all the workout info

  4. hey lee,

    looking good! nice progress, i was just wondering are you goin zero carb all the way up to the contest or u having any carb up days?


  5. SO are you eating 13 eggs or 8 eggs with 5 of them being whole?

  6. Hey staaave,

    Honestly I’m not quite as motivated as I was for the last show. But I still want to be the first guy to win both the HWC and the NLABBA Provincials.

  7. durham311,

    When I had my muscle tear I took about 2 weeks off from working out entirely and then I was just going through the motions with my workouts for at least 2 months after that. I mean literally doing machine exercises with no weight, just going through the range of motion with the handles. Gradually, I upped the weights by 5-10 lbs. or so each week until I can now do a decent workout again.

    The main thing is just give it time, but still do some active recovery exercises to maintain flexibility in the muscles.

  8. sjcs1986,

    I'm going “hard core” and sticking with virtually zero carbs right until 2 days before the show. I want to compete at my leanest and hardest condition ever.