Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Weeks Into My Pre-Contest Diet

Well, I'm 2 weeks into my pre-contest diet for the 2010 Atlantic Canadian Bodybuilding Championships on April 17th. So far so good, I took some progress pics in the can after my workout the other day and posted them below...

(gotta love the toilet in the background, adds character :)

I'll be keeping track of my progress and posting what I'm doing with regards to my diet, training, cardio, etc.

Right now all I'm doing is cleaning up my eating and doing daily cardio. Nothing too drastic. For example, if something comes from a drive through window, or gets brought to the door by a delivery guy, then chances are I shouldn't be eating it LOL.

For my cardio I'm doing at least 30 minutes per day. I'll use my elliptical and stepper at home if the weather isn't good outside. If it is a nice day I'll go for a walk with my dog Sasha. And if I have to shovel snow out of the driveway I'll count that as cardio as well :-)

For my weight training I'm doing a modified DoggCrapp workout routine.

For my workout today I did:
- Hammer Strength Incline Bench Press
- Seated Shoulder Press Lockouts In Power Rack
- Decline Bench EZ Bar Tricep Extensions
- Weighted Pull Ups (parallel grip)
- Reverse Grip Bent Over Barbell Row

I basically did as many warm up sets as needed to get up to 2 heavy sets of 10 reps for each exercise.


  1. HI LEE,

    WEll can you tell me in brief about the kind of diet you are following.

  2. Hello Lee,

    I'm starting a "Fit at Fifty" campaign in January 2010. I'm currently 310 lbs and extreemly out of shape. My goal is to run a 5k in 2012, which is also the year I turn 50. What advice do you have?


  3. It aint a toilet...Its a Urinal! lol

  4. lose some fat boy

  5. it cool but put on some muscle....... tats fine i gusss its very old pic..... wrirht????

  6. Hey Lee,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. Looking good for only two weeks. What is your BF%

  7. It must be an old picture because your waist and belly is not currently look like that.

  8. If you need any diet/training advice, let me know.

  9. hey lee,
    ur body is good but it wil b nice if u put on some more muscles . at present u have good body but something is missing man. all the best for ur bodybuilding championship competition. vijay

  10. hi lee.....
    looking nice i want to be like u

  11. Looking good so far! Keep up the good work.

  12. hi lee joe castillo from san antonio, texas hey saw your pics very nice for just 2-3 weeks into your diet. i am right now 5'-7" tall and a weight of 205 in the morning thats with all gear warmups and i am 57 years old have body fat at 17%. i really have a back and chest like yours from all the chinups that i have been doing and back exercises i have been doing. what are your measurements size of chest, arms (bicep-tricepand froearm), waist? please let us know and when you finish your routine diet what will it be then. that would be nice? thanks

  13. hey lee keith here man your looking good for two weeks .will be watching you to see the change over the next few weeks best of look.NO PAIN NO GAIN looking forward to seeing the results your fan Keith

  14. waht happen dude looks like you puffed up like a

  15. keep it up buddy you'll do great

  16. Hi Lee,

    All the best for ur competition.

  17. Good start Lee. So what are your measurements?

  18. Hey man, looking good your lats are a beaut!
    And for everyone who thinks he needs more "muscles"
    please be reminded prior to dieting he was probably bulking which
    explains the lack of definition as of now hes is cutting note the dieting.

  19. Looking fine , put a lil more mass on your arms and your good to go ! To those that are hating cut it out I bet your no where near what lee looks like !!!!

  20. hi lee,
    my good wishes are with you.........try your best....

  21. Lat spread is good but your erectors are weak. Do you do any deadlifting or any type of heavy low back exercise? Just tryin' to help.
    Good luck.

  22. Wow your a fat sun of a bitch

  23. Why the toilet lee? I'm assuming you just
    made a huge deposit and from the way your posing
    you feel great! hey just kiddin man good luck and i hope you win sport! your bud Arnold the terminator!

  24. hey lee are you gonna send me some heavy duty hand grippers for christmas or is santa?

  25. could too much protein cause premature ejaculation? ive been taking alot of protein lately and just experienced this for the first?

  26. Hello, Lee!

    I was positively surprised to see your present condition and to understand, that you are going to compete again!

    I also got angry at the negative "opinions", that some
    persons had the face to send above! They must really be "wise" without any borders...

    There will be more than enough time to April for you to get rid of the thin lair of fat, that probably is a must for you to have been able to get the strength and stamina needed badly to train down to your future top condition with veins on your ripped muscles.
    I understand very well, that your muscles will look
    a lot bigger at the contest with more separation.
    How do I know? I used to train together with the late Mr. Scandinavia, Mr. Europe and Mr Universe in Helsinki, Finland.

    Best of luck! You really make yourself a good example to your loyal pupils all over this planet.


  27. hey fit at fifty man, Lee is an animal and a bodybuilder not a whimpy runner, stop eating and start lifting, youll enjoy being a beast rather than running a 5k

  28. You'll look good once you start to shred.

  29. To all you that have the great ideas...what's a great Lat workout for someone with bad lower back?