Thursday, February 5, 2009

Want a bigger firmer rounder butt?

I've got a question...
Who doesn't appreciate a nice firm round behind?

If you were to survey a bunch of guys on what bodyparts
they find most attractive on a woman no doubt a nice firm
round backside would be right at the top of the list.

But you know what...
The same applies from a woman's perspective as well.
Most women rate a nice butt on a man as one of the most
sexy bodyparts.

However, the average guy you'll see in the gym will tend
to focus primarily on the "show off muscles" like the
chest, arms, and abs. While the lower body muscles such
as the hips, glutes, and thighs are secondary
(if they are even trained at all).

Trust me a big upper body on top of skinny legs and a
flat butt is a major turn off to most women. And I'm not
making this stuff up, you can google up the surveys
yourself and see that what I'm saying here is very true.

And besides building an aesthetically appealing body
in the effort to look good and attract the opposite s-e-x
(which is obviously a major motivating factor for most).
Having well developed glutes helps improve your overall
strength and athletic performance.

Things such as running, jumping, and even locking out a
heavy squat or deadlift all require having strong glutes.
In fact a lot of the time the limiting factor in squat
and deadlift strength is not from having weak legs or
back muscles, but simply not having the strength in the
glutes to bring your hips forward and lockout the lift.

So the question is how can you get tighter stronger glutes?

THAT is where Nick Nilsson's book "Gluteus to the Maximus
- Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" comes in.

This book is truly one-of-a-kind. If your goal is to
increase glute size and strength this is something you
definitely want to check out, especially while Nick has
got his HUGE 50% Discount Sale going on this week!
(until midnight Feb. 6th).

The specialization workouts that are found in Gluteus
to the Maximus have been used by both men and women to
deliver "uplifting" results in as little as 2 weeks!

I mean let's face it... we ALL want to look better,
whether it's coming or going :-) And the boost in
confidence and self-esteem you can get when you really
feel good about how you look gets noticed by everybody
(from all angles).

"Gluteus to the Maximus" has 18 complete workout programs
that you can follow, both at the gym, or in the privacy
of your own home!

Everything you need to know about maximizing your
glute development as quickly as possible can be found
in this book.

And honestly, I'd like to tell you how it compares to
other books out there on the same subject but there
ARE NO OTHER BOOKS out there on the same subject!

So if building a bigger butt is something you've always
wanted to do but didn't where to turn,
"Gluteus to the Maximus" is the book to get.

You can check it out by clicking on the link below:

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