Friday, February 20, 2009

Modified 300 Workout - Thursday Feb. 19

I'm still working around my nagging pulled chest muscle so for my last workout I messed around with a modified 300 workout program.

Note: I posted a video clip of the actual 300 workout on youtube a while back.

This is the workout I did...

Rather then doing chins I did Bodyweight Rows 25 total reps.

Deadlifts 50 total reps with 135 lbs.

Push Ups 50 total reps.
(Note: I did these with a close grip and leaning against a bench with my body at a 45 degree angle to reduce stain on my pec.)

Box Jumps 50 total jumps.

Rather then floor wipers holding a barbell, I just did decline bench sit ups for 50 total reps.

Rather then doing dumbbell clean and press, I did seated shoulder presses with 95 lbs. for 50 total reps. (Less stretch on the chest.)

Finished up with another 25 bodyweight rows.


  1. I was wondering how many times a week do you perform the 300 workout?

  2. If this were the only workout you were doing I'd say do it 3 times per week. That's what I did for about a month and it helped improve my conditioning a lot.

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